Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Promo

Stephen King is having a great month; hell he is actually having a pretty great year. With The Dark Tower coming out last week, my eyes are set on the newest adaptation to hit the screen, Mr. Mercedes.

Mr. Mercedes tells the story of a recently retired, suicidal detective, Bill Hodges, is begins being taunted by a demented killer, Brady Hartsfield from Hodges past, which forces Hodges to come out of retirement and start a, possibly felonious, investigation to catch him. Helped by an unlikely group of people, Hodges has to find Hartsfield before he strikes again.

Photo Source: Mr. Mercedes Facebook

If that doesn’t get to you, then possibly the cast will. Bill Hodges is played by Brendan Gleeson (28 Days Later) and Harry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful) will play Brady Harstfield. From everything that I have read about the show, these two turn in incredible performances. The show also stars Kelly Lynch (Road House), Jharell Jerome (Moonlight), Holland Taylor (The Practice), and Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds).

Photo Source: Mr. Mercedes Facebook

Mr. Mercedes premieres August 9th on the Audience Channel.


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