When I stumbled upon Lucas Govatos’s Kickstarter campaign for Epitasis I knew this would be the next highly talked about game. Epitasis is a sci-fi exploration and puzzle game that is in a class of its own. The website shows screenshots of an impeccable landscape that reminds one of “No Man’s Sky” due in part to the lovely pink and blue hues. However, upon further inspection I found the design to be more in depth and everything from the trees to the sky are visually appealing. While playing the alpha I found myself unable to focus on gameplay but rather the vast environment and often found myself looking at the setting sun. The detail from everything between the trees to the rocks and sand was purposeful. Another aspect I found stimulating was the music. Pejman Roozbeh is the man behind the hypnotic and relaxing melodies. Once I was able to tear myself away from exploring I found myself in ancient alien ruins wondering where they all went. The enormous first tower seemed to be an impenetrable force that could easily keep others out. If this tower didn’t keep the ancient society safe, what would be in store for me? The whole atmosphere gives off a mysterious vibe that will draw players in. Due to the stunning graphics and interesting gameplay I believe consumers will be hearing Epitasis on more than one gaming list for the upcoming year. In the end, I look forward to seeing how the definitive version of Epitasis turns out and the direction in which the plot goes.

You can view Lucas and Pejman’s creation at http://epitasisgame.com/

Featured image belongs to the creative team behind Epitasis.

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