TGON Music: The perfect soundtrack for conventions

Conventions are an adrenaline rush. Nonstop running around, trying to catch every panel you can, finding that one collector’s edition item to complete your set, getting photos with your favourite actors/artists/cosplayers, and overall just falling headfirst into the beautiful world where nerdiness is the norm. (Basically, nerdvana…)

Image source: Metro

You know what would make it an even more incredible experience? If you had a soundtrack as powerful and motivating as your favourite film’s score. Your own theme music as you wander the convention halls feeling like a badass.

That’s not a crazy concept at all, and we’ve got you covered.

My dear nerds, may I present to you, The Game of Nerds’ “Convention Soundtrack” playlist, a hand-picked collection of songs to get you geeking out and feeling like a comic-con warrior. (Or a dancing Baby Groot. Whatever suits you.)

Don’t forget to follow The Game of Nerds on Spotify for more playlists and music collections, and feel free to suggest new playlist ideas/themes for other nerdy occasions!


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