Few games have changed the gaming industry, especially the first-person shooting battle royale, as much as PUBG had. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, as it is popularly known, is one of the most downloaded games in the first-player shooter battle royale genre. In fact, if you look at the list of the top downloaded games in the last year, you will find PUBG at the very top of that list. Over 70 millions copy of PUBG was sold in the last 12 months across all platforms, which only cements the arguments about PUBG’s popularity in the gaming community.

Now, if you are not among those who have been playing PUBG for quite a while, and have just downloaded the PUBG on your console, then this blog is here to help you out. In this blog, you will learn essential tips and tricks, including some advanced PUBG cheats that will surely help you become a pro player in no time.

  1. Understand the point of the game

Well, this is simple right, kill as many opponents as possible before the round ends. No, not necessarily. Not all first-person shooter games are the same, and PUBG certainly is quite different from other first-person shooter royale battle games. The aim of PUBG is not to kill as many enemies as possible in the round, although it would certainly help one get that chicken dinner. No, the aim is to survive the longest and be the last one standing. In simpler terms – survival is the goal of PUBG.

So, if you plan to go all gung-ho and shoot down as many enemies as possible, then this is not the game for you.

  1. Getting your drop spot on

One of the most crucial aspects of PUBG is getting the timing and landing precisely correct. There are few games in the first-person shooter battle royale segment where the drop time and landing spot matter much in the game, and PUBG is undoubtedly one of those games.  Once a player makes that drop, they have a choice to make – either go towards the towns, military bases, and residential areas, or they can go far away from the action and scavenge remote buildings.

It is a crucial decision for one to make as it will impact the player’s strategy for the whole game. If you want to get the best guns and equipment, then cities and military bases are the way for you but do expect to get a nasty fight as most of the other combatants will be headed there as well. Moving toward an isolated area would save you from the initial bloodbath, but it is unlikely you would find the best accessory in those remote buildings. Think about how you want to play and then make this crucial decision.

  1. Don’t waste time and start picking essentials.

Your first thought as you land at a location in PUBG should be to pick the essential and get the hell out of there. No matter where you have landed, it is likely that either a player is just behind you or someone has spotted your landing and is just waiting for you to drop your guard. Pick the essential equipment like guns, protective vests, helmets, health kits, ammo, and anything you deem important and get the hell out of that place or at least take a protective cover for an imminent attack on your position.

Wasting your time and just lurking around is one of the stupidest things you can do at the beginning of your gameplay.

  1. Don’t engage with everyone; avoid combat if you can

As mentioned previously, PUBG is not a game about increasing your kills count, it is about surviving the longest, and the best way to do that is by avoiding contact with enemy players as much as possible. Sure, there would be positions where you are forced to combat an enemy player, but if you can avoid such contacts, your chances of getting to the last play will increase dramatically.

If you are being shot at, your first instinct should be to run and take defensive cover, not returning fire as it is likely that you will be dead even before you locate the enemy.

  1. Stay in the safe zone and avoid red zones.

If you are out of the safe zone, you will see a gradual decline in your health levels until it goes down to zero. So, it is better to stay inside the safe zone. You can add this pro tip to your gaming strategy and ensure you improve your gaming skills while being a PUBG beginner. 

Red zones will sporadically appear on the map, and if you are in them, you will be bombarded with artillery fire which will kill you immediately.