Photo Source: In Touch Weekly

Episode Synopsis:

Taystee talks with a negotiator; Blanca and Red put their plan into action; Gloria asks Caputo for a favor.


Red & Flores

These two are heading into some dangerous territory, but they believe that they can capture Piscatella and take him down. Thankfully, Red and Flores run into Nicky and Lorna, and Nicky figures out that the “vitamins” that the two have been taking, is actually speed. Her and Lorna also decide to help with the Piscatella plan, but to slow the progression a bit. I feel that this storyline was a real role reversal for Nicky and Red. Usually Nicky is the one who is out of control, but this time, Nicky had to help Red out. She had to calm her down, and make her see that inviting Piscatella to come into the prison, would be a risk. What Nicky doesn’t know though, is that Flores made a trap for Piscatella anyway.


I think from what we saw in this episode, Piscatella has been made fun of his whole life. And I think this is why his attitude is so negative. Every time he goes to talk to officers that are in charge, they don’t listen to him and think he isn’t superior. Case in point, Piscatella’s conversation with “Humps” on the phone. He thought he was having a real conversation with Humps, but finds out that Humps was the one who was shot and knows that someone is trying to lure him into the prison. This peaks his interest, so he decides to break the rules, and goes into the prison in full gear. Now we can’t go back and things are about to get real. He just has this drive inside of him to dominate over the inmates and set them up for failure.

The Negotiation

We found out that Figueroa agreed to negotiate with the inmates and the claws came out. It was like watching a ping-pong match. Each opponent was serving some great serves, but then one of them would strike and get a point. I was cheering along with the inmates, when Taystee brought out her stack of papers and knew her facts stone cold. She’s not giving up without a fight and is ready for justice. The only downside, was that Figueroa found out about the shooting, which turned the whole negotiation around. And to make it right, Taystee knew that Daya would have to turn herself in.


I felt really bad for Daya throughout this episode, but in the end, I think she made the right choice. We got to see more of her backstory, and we saw that she’s struggled making the right decisions for most of her life, and it’s mostly had to do with the advice Aleida has given her. We got to see Daya when she was younger, and deal with normal teenage things, like having feelings for a boy. Her friend liked one of her guy friends, that she’d known for a long time, but once her jealousy kicked in, she got advice from Aleida, which was to fend for herself, and things didn’t turn out the way she hoped. She messed up her friendships and told Aleida to leave her alone. Now, Daya is in a bad situation, because she found out that Judy King revealed that she killed Humps, so once again, she talked to Aleida. Her advice was to make it seem like she had to shoot Humps for self defense, but in the back of her mind, Daya knew that she had to turn herself in. It was kind of unexpected to see that she would call Pornstache’s mom and let her know that she could have her baby, but in the end, it was the mature thing to do. She knew that if she turned herself in, she’d be in prison a lot longer and when she eventually got out, she wouldn’t be able to take care of her baby. She grew up in an unsafe environment and made several wrong choices, and she didn’t want her baby to go through the same things she did.


I’m also feeling so bad for Gloria. I think she’s truly proved that she’s ready to get out of prison and I think she should see her son. She found out from the doctors at the hospital, that her son was jumped by some bullies and has been severely injured. She finds Caputo and asks if he can help her get furlough and amazingly, Caputo gives her some information about trying to get out. This made me like Caputo even more. He truly cares about his inmates and would do anything for them, unlike everyone else in the system. At the end of the episode, we see that Gloria calls Pierson’s office.

Leanne, Angie & Penns

Yet again, I think this storyline is getting old. We’re now at the point where instead of Leanne and Angie making Penns life a living hell, they’re asking other people to do it for them. They’ve just up-ed the anti. They won’t let Penns use the bathroom and to make matters worse, Penns decided to break Angie’s nose, which landed her in the poo.


Nothing too exciting happened with Suzanne either. She continued playing games with the guards, but when she was told the guards were going to be taken away, she flipped out and got tied to her bunk.


Judy and Aleida ended up doing a segment together on the news and things got heated. They talked about what it was like to live in the prison, and even though Judy wanted it to seem like she was treated like a real prisoner, while she was there, Aleida quickly threw down the hard facts, that she was treated differently. But then Judy revealed that Humps was shot during the riot and gave enough clues to Aleida, to make it seem like Daya was the one that had the gun. Of course then, Aleida got pissed and couldn’t believe her own daughter would shoot a guard.