Fear The Walking Dead Hybrid: First Half Review

Fear the Walking Dead had a very solid first half of season 3. We found out who the people are that Nick ran into at the end of the previous season, they are a mixture of a self taught militia with civilians, all with seemingly questionable ethics. The soldier side of the group was trying to use people as guinea pigs to try to get an idea of how long until someone turns. That doesn’t last very long as Travis, Nick and others try to escape, which leads to walkers over running the location and everyone having to bail. This led to the shocking death of Travis, during the two episode premiere night, which fell in the beginning of episode 2.

The groups merged at the ranch, led by a form of doomsday enthusiast named Jeremiah with the help of the other members of the 4 wise men inner circle. It was all short lived as more was uncovered about the place you could see the internal struggles, as a family and as a community, along with the war with the Indians over land. The end all with this is Jeremiah and others killed and took over the land creating the conflict. Madison wanted to protect this place an dis willing to do what’s necessary to do that, even playing politics dirty. After a lot of steps along the way and learning they are on the wrong side, she wants to kill Jeremiah to create a mutual beneficial truce between both factions, the kill shot was by Nick, who has been changing and getting some soldier training.

Alicia is relatively just living the life. Swimming, smoking pot and drinking, hanging out with the “bosses son”(before Jeremiah’s passing). Luciana left, but we have seen Ofelia, who happened to cross paths with Jeremiah once, but has been with Walker and the Indians after he saved her in the desert and finding out that she is on the correct side in this war.

Strand is trying to figure out what he will do with his free time before the return. Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Strand and Daniel Salazar(finally) were also seen, Daniel is now working by the water plant, which is obviously a very great place to be. After Strand got caught and later saved by Daniel they went to the hotel to find Ofelia, who Strand knows left. Strand got left for dead, literally, but was able to make his escape, crossing paths with his boat Abigail along the way. He was able to talk to someone in another country on the radio, which confirmed that it wasn’t just America that is experiencing this, which I think in both shows is the first time we have heard of something concrete, besides France working on something from Jenner at the CDC on The Walking Dead Season 1.

Daniel went back to the power plant, we are hoping he can meet up with Ofelia and the Clark’s. It hasn’t happened but it’s possible with him being near such an important resource all paths will cross soon.

Some of the burning questions for next season, how does the ranch and Walker’s group get along now that Jeremiah is off the board? What happened to Luciana? Will Daniel Salazar and Ofelia meet? How will Strand act if and when he comes in contact with the group again? I wonder how the mini series Passage will merge with the main show. The flight was a good setup last year, and I really wanted the actress to be apart of the show long term, but they had all this lead up and barely used her. Will this be the same?




Author: Jon Hicks

I am a wise cracking avid gamer, drawn more to the role playing games with the vast stories and characters. I collect mystery subscription boxes in stages and some lines of Funko pops, and whatever random thing pops into my mind at any given time. I’m a big DC fan, none bigger than Green Lantern as evidenced by my leg tattoo. My biggest fandom is zombies, namely all things Walking Dead. I love everything about zombies and can talk about it for hours. I support my hobbies as an office manager at a sign company. Please don’t be afraid to reach out and talk about all sorts of topics.

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