I was recently re-watching the Harry Potter movies (yes, again) and I noticed just now tiny detail; NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE! I have so many questions I’ve been stewing over the past couple of days that I have no reasonable explanation for, and maybe you share my confusion.

1. If some wizards speak Parseltoung, are there others that can talk to other animals, such as birds and dogs?
2. Is it possible for a witch or wizard to learn how to speak to animals, or at the least, understand them?
3. Why wasn’t Hermione in Ravenclaw? Is the theory that says the Sorting Hat chooses based on what characteristics someone values rather than the ones they posses to be believed?
4. What are all the classes Hogwarts offers?
5. What is taught in muggle studies? Muggle history or muggle culture?
6. Why is there only one class devoted to the entire history and story of muggles and we never see our main characters go to the class, is it not a required course?
7. What are the required classes?
8. Do they get credits like at muggle schools? Do they have a graduation ceremony and get diplomas?
9. Is there more wizarding school options? Like if a parent didn’t want to send their child to boarding school, is there any way they can just go to day classes?
10. If a family moves from America to England, does the kid get a new Hogwarts house? Or are they just put in the one that most closely resembles their Ilvermourny house?
11. If there is a credit system, do their credits roll over when they move?
12. If a witch or wizard child lives on the west coast, is there a very long train ride they have to take to get to Ilvermourny? Or do the parents have to get them there themselves?
13. If so, does the school pay for their travel expenses?
14, Are the uniforms provided by the school, or do the parents provide them? What if a family can’t afford the uniform, is there a financial aid system set up at the school?
15. In the Goblet of Fire they go to the Yule Ball, how did the students know they had to bring formal wear? Is there a packing/ supply list?
16. If so, whats on it?
17. Is there any spell that can be used to make clothes, like how the fairies in Sleeping Beauty make Aurora’s dress?
18. Why do people even watch the Tri-Wizard championships? I mean, other than the fighting the dragon, there’s not much to see.
19. If a person loses their wand, how do they get it back? Also if another wizard picked up the wand then is that considered winning it? Also does the wizard who lost the wand every get a new wand?
20. Before the kid turns 11, what do they do? How do they learn to read and do math and such? Is there a wizard kindergarten and grade school?
21. Do the muggle born kids go to kindergarten and grade school?
22. Is there art and English classes at wizarding schools? What about other creative outlets?
23. They need a parent permission slip to go to Hogsmead but not to be in Care of Magical Creatures class?
24. Do they have wizard sex ed? Is there wizard birth control?
25. Muggle born kids have their families who know their wizards, so what is the limitations on family who can know their a wizard? Can close family friends know they’re a wizard? What if a family member who knows of their secret blabs to someone else?
26. Can wizards have jobs in the muggle world?
27. Is there a wizarding college? Or any form of advanced education?
28. Are there wizard movies? Like wizard actors and directors and such? If not can a wizard move back to the muggle world to pursue their artistic passions?
29. If they did chose to go to a muggle university, do they get a diploma from a real high school?
30. How does the Ministry of Magic work?
31. Are there elections? Do the red robe people elect in the black robe people who elect the minister?
32. When do the wizards hold elections?


Photo Source: dumbledoresarmyroleplay.wikia.com

33. Why are there so may people on the bench in the ministry court room scene?
34. Why is there no jury?
35. Why is there a whole criminal trial for using underage magic? Does that happen every time?
36. Is there a county jail? A state jail? Is there a holding cell? Or is it just Azkaban or bust?
37. How many people live in the wizarding community? Why are there so many people who participate in the full criminal trial, it seems disproportionate to the population?
39. Is there wizard police? Do they have specialized wands for police work?
40. If there is flow powder and other means of teleportation, why does any wizard need to take the train or have cars?
41. Do wizards have any practical purpose for cars? If so, why do more not have them?
42. How many modes of transportation are there? How exactly does it all work?
43. Are the muggle parents allowed to come to Kings Cross Station to drop off their kids?
44. Are the options for your animagus form unlimited or limited to a select amount of animals?
45. Do kids born in all- wizard families got vaccinated?
46. Are the wizard hospitals all around or just in select areas?
47. Can wizards go to the muggle world when they feel like it? If so why does it seem like all the wizards know nothing about the muggle world?
48. Are there secretaries of different departments? Like Department of Education and Department of Transportation?
49. How exactly does wizarding government work?
50. Is Dumbledore the only one in charge of education?
51. Is there school budgets? Are there fundraisers? Is there a PTA?
52. Is there a government class?
53. If theres cars, is there a DMV? Does the DMV also cover brooms and floo powder?
54. Is there any type of internet in the wizarding world?
55. What if a muggle student brings their cell phone or laptop into the wizard world? Is there service and wifi?
56. How do they get the wifi installed if they do?
57. Cable? Electricity? Trash? Water? How do they pay all the bills and what division is in charge of it all? Is it all just free?
58. What happens to the things they make vanish? Can they defeat matter? What about just basic physics?
59. Do they have theme parks? Can they go to muggle theme parks?
60. Do they ever get muggle books? Or do they only have books from wizards?
61. Why in the Prisoner of Azkaban is Harry allowed to use the lumps spell without any repercussions?
62. How does the money system work? Like, what are their pieces worth in muggle money?
63. Why does Harry’s wand shoot golden flames in Deathly Hallows? Dumbledore says it’s because of their masters and their twin cores, but how does that produce golden flames? He even says he doesn’t know what actually happened so then who does?
64. How does Hermione have a time turner? How does anybody have a time turner? How exactly to time turners work? Who makes them? Why are they given to civilians?
65. What happened to Draco’s family after they ran away from the Battle of Hogwarts?
66. Has anybody else tried to destroy Voldemort’s horcruxes?
67. Do witches & wizards get cancer? Can they cure it through magic? What spell would you use? Or would it be a potion? Then could they give the potion to a muggle who has cancer?
68. What happens when a muggle takes a potion? Or uses a charm?
69. Were the Dursley’s always that mean?
70. Did Dudley and Harry ever do anything together? Like when they were younger?
71. Did J.K Rowling intentionally write Snape to be loved and hated at the same time, or was it something that just kind of happened?

Alright, I think thats all I got. I’m ever so confused and could defiantly use clarification! If you know the answer to any of these, please share in the comments down bellow and hopefully some clarification will come this October with the release of Harry Potter: A History of Magic, the Book of the Exhibition! What’s your favorite Harry Potter movie? Favorite book?