Photo Source: Star Trek: Discovery, Courtesy of CBS

The production delays and endless false starts that plagued Star Trek: Discovery are finally over. Armed with a premiere date of September 24th on CBS-and moving to CBS All Access for the rest of its freshman season-Star Trek: Discovery steamrolled into San Diego Comic Con with a ton of hype and excitement over its seemingly diverse cast.

Led by stars Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Yeoh (First Officer Michael Burnham and Captain Han Bo), the cast and crew celebrated the show’s commitment to inclusion and moved further toward Gene Roddenberry’s themes of exploration and adventure.

Photo Source: Star Trek: Discovery Gallery

At Saturday’s panel at SDCC, Martin-Green firmly stated, “If you say you love Star Trek but you don’t love the diversity, you’ve missed it.” Upping the inclusion aspect: Star Trek: Discovery will have the first openly gay Trek tv character (John Cho’s portrayal of Sulu was film only) played by an actual gay actor (Anthony Rapp).

Some other tidbits from SDCC:

– First Officer Burnham was the first human to attend the Vulcan Science Academy

-The score is handled by Jeff Russo of Fargo fame

-There will be no standalone episodes; the entire season is a 15 episode long arc

Photo Source: Star Trek: Discovery, Courtesy of CBS

In short, the cast and crew believe the finished product will be worth the (very) long wait. Per Anthony Rapp, “I promise you that we passionately believe what we’re doing and will honor what came before.”

You can watch the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS, September 24th. All remaining episodes will stream on CBS All Access (Netflix for Canadian viewers).