SDCC 2018 Funko Reveals Disney

Week 2 of reveals started with a power house in Disney. Today had two groups of reveals.

DISNEY!!!! So many people are hyped for Disney reveal. Luckily for the wallet no numbered pieces. 1.) The coolest piece of this group is Neon Tamatoa from Moana. This also glows in the dark, this is like something out a rave. This piece is awesome and I see non Disney and Moana collectors going for this one. 2.) Next piece haunts me in my sleep, while I’m still awake in the form of Edna Jack Jack from the smash movie Incredibles 2. I don’t know why it reminds me of like a caveman baby or something. 3.) Moving on to the last reveal of this grouping a 2 pack! This 2 pack is Pain and Panic from Hercules. It’s pretty easy to tell which one is which. I think Pain looks like the cooler pop of the two. Photo Credit: Funko
1.) Wreck it Ralph!!!!!!! Two 8 bits sold separately. We have Fix if Felix and Ralph. 8 bit pops have been slowly gaining traction. These pops however are perfect as they go along with the movie perfectly. 2.) The next piece was a show on Nickelodeon in Dough, this is Skeeter Valentine, and is a must for all Doug fans. 3.) Lastly, trying to slip in under the radar is Kingdom Hearts Unhooded Mickey Mouse. I think this mold is exactly like the first outside of the hood. I love the key blade on this piece. This concludes today’s wave . What jumped out at you? Photo Credit: Funko

As I’ve said like a broken record, Funko STILL has yet to tell what the pop process is going to be this year.



Author: Jon Hicks

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