Nazi Zombie

Nazi Zombie – Call Of Duty: World War 2 – Activision

In the beginnings of San Diego Comic Con 2017, gamers got to learn a little more about the new Call Of Duty! While we’re aware it’s set in World War 2, the developers were intensely tight-lipped about the Zombie Mode portion that has long since become a fan favorite among Call of Duty Players. Prior to the SDCC Reveal, the trailer had been leaked; developers requested that fans avoid watching it and wait for the panel to release it, in order to preserve the surprise – and what a surprise it was! One of the highest points of the panel was the trailer itself. Now, being that it’s set in World War 2, it’s more than likely that Germany and Hitler himself are your biggest enemies – Which DOES mean Nazi Zombies! (I can honestly say I never thought I’d be excited for that to be a thing.) And if one of the characters sounds familiar to you Doctor Who and Jessica Jones fans, it’s because David Tennant has offered his lovely voice as one of the starring roles!

The trailer shows a doctor, who seems to be narrating his discoveries He speaks of how he’s created more than just a new type of soldier for his Führer, or a new sort of weapon to use against his enemies….he tells us how he “created the Devil himself.” I’ve never been a fan of the Call Of Duty Zombie Mode, but this trailer? This drew me in and made me want to spend hours playing.  You can check out the officially released trailer below, and get prepared to play the newest Call Of Duty!