If you love Marvel you loved today’s reveals!!!


Marvel ran king today! (1) They started with Jessica Jones Rock Candy from the Netflix Marvel series. (2) Another director, which is becoming a series that is expanding like crazy. This is another limited numbered pop with 1000 of Taika Waititi who directed Thor Ragnarok. He is looking cool in his pineapple getup. (3) Glitter cheerleader Deadpool! Deadpool is for sure the Batman of the Marvel line and is quite hilarious. This (4) This wave rounds out with a dorbz 2 pack or Captain America and the amazing Red Skull. Photo Credit: Funko and Marvel


As I am not a huge Marvel fan, I recognize some of these characters off the bat. (1) Thor with Odin force is a cool looking pop with the glow eyes for sure. This should be a popular offering. (2) I didn’t recognize Valkyrie but that is who is next to Thor. (3) The man in the iron suit is Iron Man Mark I from. I wish I had insight for you but I don’t. (4) We have classic Ant-Man with his weird looking helmet. (5) Lastly we have Kraglin with the big piece in his head. That for sure looks like it hurt. Photo Credit: Funko and Marvel