It’s a sad day for all of Nerd kind…San Diego Comic Con is coming to an end and we’ll have to wait until Fall to know what happens to our beloved characters. We’ve got a few panels we’re excited about though, and we want to share them with you all.:

  • Sherlock Panel: Will we EVER get to know what happens next on Sherlock? This panel will hopefully give us answers.
  • Supernatural Panel: Legends in their own right, we need to know where the new season is going to take Sam, Dean, and Castiel. And will they ever bring their other brother out of hell, or is he just sort of stuck there forever?
  • Marvel: Women of Marvel: Maybe if we wish hard enough, this panel will announce the upcoming Black Widow solo film. It’s a pipe dream, we know…but we can hope right? Regardless, this panel is sure to be kick ass, and we can’t wait to see what it DOES have in store for us.
    What are you most excited for today?