The Last Knight is the first great all around Transformers movie since the original. Explosions lessened, story line strengthened, and the movie was overall better in multiple areas. Battle scenes lacked in this Transformers compared to the others if you anticipate large explosions and guns blazing, but excitement accelerated. Bumblebee versus Optimus battle was lackluster and Megatron’s reappearance didn’t do much for the fifth installment. If you hoped for a true showdown between Megatron and Optimus you won’t see it and will be disappointed.

What you will get is over two hours of excitement and the best Transformers movie since the first by far. The story line was much better and the way they tied in historical context was fantastic. The use of King Arthur truly did justice in the movie not to mention the addition of what many have been waiting for, a great female character that has more in the movie than just beauty.

The humor in some of the other movies was not only treacherous, but really took away from the movie. This movie only had a tiny bit of that which was refreshing. The Decepticons were for some reason portrayed mostly in a humorous manner which was not at all enticing but the addition of Hot Rod for the Autobots was just awesome for any Transformers fan who has been waiting for an appearance from the iconic Autobot.

The movie lacked in a few places but truly upgraded from all the other movies into something really fun to watch with far less flaws. If you want to see giant robots shoot it out and brawl there isn’t much, but what there is in those fight sequences is spectacular. The end left room for Transformers to grow which is exciting for anyone who hopes to see more and the fifth movie left you wanting more with all the progress it made as a movie.

Bumblebee finally speaks, Grimlock makes an appearance in the way you would anticipate, a nice little moment with Starscream’s head, and of course Anthony Hopkins, all are little pieces of what make this movie fun and exciting.I’m sure there will be some people disappointed in some way as there always is, but this Transformers was more than redeeming, it was a good movie and a great journey.