Younger – Gettin’ Hygge With It

"Younger" Ep. 402 (Airs 7/5, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Last week on Younger, Maggie got free coffee and flirting, Liza bought a body pillow, Diana & Charles really wanted to know what a meme was, and Kelsey & Josh had a real moment y’all.

Let’s get right into it; Kelsey is really living at Josh’s now, they’re in Liza recovery together (step one is to never say the L word, step 2 is grits). They’re bonding in a way that only young attractive people can bond which is to say, lots of sexual tension flying everywhere. This is confusing to everyone, including Lauren, who doesn’t understand why Kels would shack up/hook up with her best friends ex boyfriend. (I vote we tell Lauren soon, she deserves good things)

At the office, Liza goes in to Charles’ office and finds him on the floor, he threw his back out. She massages his back in a totally inappropriate way and heals him lying that her friend has an older husband who has this problem.

"Younger" Ep. 402 (Airs 7/5, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

Next up, Kelsey gets some flowers from Colin at the office right as his not-at-all positive book reviews hit the internet. She accepts his apology (after a little flogging) and takes him to Diana’s Hygge party. There, she finds out that he was just dumped by Random House and is just using her to get to Charles. Kelsey of course helps with this realization when she mentions it as they’re fighting. When they leave, Colin starts texting his agent and completely stops paying attention to Kelsey, so she gets in a cab and leaves his dumb ass!

Kelsey gets home devastated but Josh joggs her out of her funk, gives a tiny motivational speech and gets her to join his party in the living room. They end up dancing the Two Step together and having the time of their lives while Liza looks up from below, as she walks by Josh’s to head to her place.

Okay not let’s talk about Hygge. It’s a Danish lifestyle, all about being cozy. Think Goop but less uptight and less expensive. The Hygge book is a big deal for Empirical and to celebrate the end of the book tour, Diana transforms her apartment into a more cozy space and has a party for him. The guest of honour is actually late to the party, but that gives Richard time to express to Liza how she’s the only person Diana has total faith in, it also allows for L & K to hash it out while Liza tries to protect Kelsey from Colin. Telling her that she deserves a man who opens doors and walks on the outside of the sidewalk (outdated, but chivalry shouldn’t be dead amirite!)

"Younger" Ep. 402 (Airs 7/5, 10pm ET/PT)
Courtesy of TVLand

I can’t tell who I ship more anymore…Kelsey and Josh? Liza & Josh? Liza & Charles? Lauren & Max? Too many beautiful people, I could be happy for any combination of them. Check back with us next week for another fun AF Younger recap!


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