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CAUTION: Major spoilers ahead.


This is the moment we’ve have been waiting for since the very first episode. Everything leading up to this moment suggested that Barry was going to save her, but, after future-Barry warned him not to, Barry was able to tell her that he and Henry turn out okay, and that they continue to love her; providing comfort to Nora as she died. But nobody was there to comfort the crying fangirls. Needless to say, I cried like a baby. Nobody could’ve been prepared for how masterfully this scene was put together, Grant Gustin’s acting was so raw, and Michelle Harrison didn’t disappoint when it came to getting her maternal instincts across. I can’t claim to be happy with Barry’s decision to let Nora die, but I was not disappointed by this scene.


Okay, time to be brutally honest, up until the finale, I never liked Eddie. His emotional range isn’t vast enough, he’s too caught up with Iris in a cliché relationship that’s too reminiscent of a cheesy high school romance, and frankly, the fact that he never made the connection between Barry and the Flash led me to think that he was also and idiot. But I love him now. When Eddie shoots himself, we see him take his first (and, theoretically, his last, although I don’t think we’ve seen the end of him yet) step towards becoming an independent character. He recognized that his “coincidental” existence had the potential to help; and help he did. This noble act was definitely made in the heat of the moment, with the intention to save Barry, but, as Eobard points out as he’s being erased from existence, he’s controlled Barry’s life for 15 years, erasing him from history will have some heavy repercussions come season 2.


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Barry’s bloody, intense, and running UPWARDS (defying the laws of gravity is just another Tuesday in Central City, I guess) towards a black hole, and suddenly, BAM. That’s all we get. I made some dying whale sounds when the credits rolled, knowing that the writers have decided to leave us for several months with our palpitating hearts and our tears and our ships and our FEELINGS. I suppose it could’ve been a more painful cliffhanger, they could’ve organized it so we wait till next season to know if Nora lives, but the major question I want answered is what happens now that Eobard Thawne never happened? There’s been a lot of speculation that Eddie survives after shooting himself in the head and getting sucked into the space-time singularity, by getting absorbed by the speed force, which would mean the return of Professor Zoom for next season, which would lead to a pretty cool confrontation scene. But for now, I’m just gonna rewatch this season until January 20th.