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Episode Synopsis:

Blanca and Red look for dirt on Piscatella; Suzanne holds a séance; Leanne and Angie demand a talent show from the guards.



Litchfield Idol

So I’m pretty sure that this talent show made this entire episode. It was funny to see the guards get somewhat competitive and try to figure out what their best talent were. Of course Stratman won the show in my eye because of that strip down performance. I was totally not expecting that when I watched that scene. And he’s actually really good at it. He could be the next Magic Mike. Also, I think this was the point in the season, where Linda started getting super annoying. She was trying real hard to blend in and made it seem like Piper was the one following her around. And lastly, can we all agree that it was a little scary at first, when Leanne and Angie found the gun. They could have done anything, but thank god they chose to have a talent show, instead of harming people. And unfortunately, the only bad thing they did, was send Caputo to the porta potty.


Alex had kind of a pivotal moment in this episode. She became somewhat of a leader, even if she didn’t want to be. Her and Piper decided to stay by the wayside during this riot and wait it out outside. In doing so, other inmates followed and realized that being outside seemed a lot safer and decided that by doing this, they were being a part of a “resistance.” Also, with Alex coming clean about killing someone and wanting to serve her time, she made other inmates want to do the same thing. I think with this new found attitude, Alex and Piper have become closer and a little bit more on the same page. They’ve gotten in trouble so many times over the years, but now, they’re deciding to accept what has happened to them, move forward, and think about the future.


We got an interesting little peek into Alison’s life before prison, and I was quite surprised. Her and her husband seemed like a regular couple, but when they were talking about adding another wife to their family, that totally threw me off. Alison seems like the type of person who doesn’t need a lot of help and is very self sufficient, so when she was willing to share her daughter with another woman, that kind of shocked me. It was also an interested approach to me because Alison and her husband were talking about being tired all the time and how they weren’t being the best versions of themselves, and they did mention a nanny, but I don’t know why the nanny was out of the question, and another wife seemed more appropriate. Slowly, I think adding another wife into the equation got the best of Alison. The new wife was taking over her role of teaching her daughter new things and having special moments. In the last flashback, when Alison sees her family taking a family photo without her at the diner, I think that’s when she might have snapped. I don’t remember if Alison ever revealed why she was in prison, but I feel like she might have done something to the other wife.

Judy King

Poor Judy is still suffering, and this time, Yoga Jones, DeMarco and the skin heads decided it was best to tie Judy’s wrists to a plank of wood. Talk about crucifixion symbolism. The ladies are really keen to find Judy’s “secret bunker,” and they also want whatever food she’s hiding. Playing along, Judy thinks it’s best to lead the ladies to the top of the roof, and funnily enough, when they’re up there, a helicopter emerges and the ladies yell for help. Those overhead shots of them at the end were priceless!


Still sitting in the spot where Poussey died, Suzanne, Maureen, and Brook decide to have a séance, because Suzanne believes that Poussey’s spirit is trying to talk to them. Taystee, Cindy and Janae also decide to join the fun, even though Taystee is having none of it. There are some strange moments, but all in all, it was kind of an emotional scene. Sadly, things had to be ruined by Taystee, because her and Brook starting fighting about who knew Poussey better. I really wish Taystee would have let go for a minute and tried to make amends. Instead of getting angry and defensive, it would have been better for her to talk things out and try to accept Poussey’s death.

Red & Flores

Red and Flores didn’t have much screen time in this episode, but they did discover something extremely important about Piscatella. Flores finds paperwork about how Piscatella had killed an inmate at another prison. That definitely throws up several red flags and I wonder how Piscatella got away with it and was able to get another job.


Well, randomly, Sophia decides that it’s time to leave the prison and visit Jane Ingalls in Max. When she’s there, she finds out from another inmate that Jane got sick, and got released. Well, sucks to be Sophia. I know that Laverne Cox had other gigs going on during the filming of this season, but I think the writers could have done better in terms of pushing Laverne’s character aside. Her character arch seems so incomplete at this point and it makes me sad to see that. Sophia was a really great character and it was amazing to see her struggle and then return to Litchfield. Yes, she was at medical and was kind of doing good, but then to have her take another spiral, by going to Max, wasn’t the best. I really don’t know what’s going to happen to her character now, or if she’s ever coming back, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.