Similar to what other shows in the Arrowverse have done, Batwoman is continuing the tradition of taking villains usually associated with the more well know Justice Leaguers, and pitting them against the titular characters of these shows. Alice continues to be Batwoman’s primary antagonist, but we were introduced to Tommy Elliot this week, who is Batman villain, Hush. The writers do a good job of having his introduction be him shushing Kate as she walked into Bruce’s office.

This episode felt a little slow at times as Kate struggled with whether or not to put the suit back on. She began to see the impact she was having on the city and was unsure if it was good or bad. The desperation of Gotham to have it’s dark knight back was creating a bit of a frenzy with the masses which Alice does a beautiful job of ridiculing during an interaction with Kate.


Panting the bat red (courtesy of the CW)

Perhaps the slowness of the show was rooted in that she did not put the suit back on until the climatic finale, which gives us our first look at the image of Batwoman that we recognize from the comics. This also serves as her announcement to the city that Batman is not back.

The side story that was going on with Kate’s former lover, Sophie, volunteering to be the personal bodyguard of her stepsister, Mary. The most interesting piece of that was that she told everyone this was an assignment, when in actuality it was something she asked to do. It’s unclear why initially, but it seems to become more clear as we discover that she has never mentioned Kate to her now husband, and begins questioning Mary about what Kate is doing with her free time. She asks Kate a similar question later, and both Mary and Kate give her appropriately biting responses.

Alice continues to toy with Jacob and The Crows and takes her torment to another level. After the reveal at the end of episode 2, that


Catherine Kane braces in hijacked elevator. (Courtesy the CW)

Mrs. Kane is playing a game of her own, we see that Alice knows something about her secret dealings, which she continues to hide from Jacob. It will be interesting to see what these secrets are moving forward.

We also have a potential confirmation of another Batman villain. During a conversation with Kate, Tommy says he “paid a man to riddle” him the information about Batman being Bruce Wayne. It’s obvious that Alice is going to continue to be the main antagonist, but it will be interesting to see how many Batman villains they will introduce, especially since Arrow used many of them over the years.