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As the exorcism continues Andy struggles to decipher what is real and what the demon wants him to believe. To help him realize what is real Marcus and Tomas want to bring in one of the foster kids, but Rose is hesitant because it would obviously be putting the kid in danger. Despite Rose’s hesitation Verity says she will do it.


On the way to meet up with Marcus and Tomas, Bennett is still suffering from the glass that stabbed him. Mouse takes him to the hospital after he passes out. Throughout the episode we are shown the connection between Marcus and Mouse. Back in 1999 Mouse was working with Marcus. I couldn’t quite make out the exact nature of their relationship, but it definitely felt like there was some sexual tension between the two of them. It also appears that he is sort of mentoring her to be an exorcist as well. Well, her curiosity gets the best of her one-day and she goes to see the demon they are trying to exorcise and, wouldn’t you know it, gets herself possessed in the process. After the demon propositions Marcus he decides to bail on that exorcism and someone else take over.

Back in the present, Tomas has started seeing things that the demon wants him to see. He isn’t possessed though, just being manipulated a little bit because of a mistake he made back at the beginning of the season. After getting water and seeing the dead body from the episode a few weeks ago, he goes back in the room and sees Nikki on top of Andy. Now, I don’t know if he was trying to shield his eyes from it because he was afraid or just didn’t think he was powerful enough to face evil by himself, but either way its concerning. He was so startled, however, that he dropped his glass of water.

Verity comes at that point and gets Andy to come take control for a while. This was one of my favorite parts of the episode. For the first time we got to see Verity acting a little vulnerable, and we got to see that Andy was fighting this demon as hard as it was for him.


After they get Verity out of there and with her foster siblings (who are all getting off the island because…ya know…there foster dad just murdered someone in front of them), Marcus has a go at exorcising the demon for a while, but it has been several days since either he or Tomas have slept and Tomas persuades him to go sleep. At this time Verity leaves her siblings because she left something at their neighbors house they had been staying at. Marcus walks in and tells Tomas how glad he is to be working with him and how proud he is to have him as a partner and that Tomas is a good exorcist. When Verity gets to the house all the lights on the island are off. She walks in the house and no one is answering her calls. She goes upstairs to get her book and still no one is there. She thinks she hears Rose downstairs and walks down there. In the dining room she sees the neighbors. She goes up to them and begins to talk to them, but they do not answer. When she touches them she notices they have been brutally murdered. That’s when she sees Rose and Rose tells her “Run”. Behind Rose appears Andy.

The demon had tricked Tomas into believing that Marcus had come to talk to him and so while all the murder was happening Tomas was in a trance and Marcus was asleep. Demon Andy had cut himself free from the rope holding him to the bed with some of the glass that had shattered.

Brianna Hildebrand was spectacular in this episode. Normally such a badass, she was able to be very vulnerable when it was needed. She gets my performance of the week. It’s also become very clear to me that my favorite character is Father Marcus, so my Marcus moment of the week would be the parts when we delved into his past. Despite his awful wig, it was very interesting to see some of what has happened to him in the past.

This episode scared the crap out of me; it may have been the scariest episode in the series in my opinion. So because of that it is one of my favorite episodes from the season. I give this a 5/5 strictly because of how much it scared me.

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