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Episode Synopsis:

Linda starts to see the prison in a new light; Judy is desperate to escape; as darkness falls, the inmates compose a list of demands.



We see in this episode, that Bayley is starting to really feel the effects of killing Poussey. He doesn’t know what to do with his life and thinks the best thing to do, is to turn himself in to the police. I think at this point, he really is lost because as we saw, his dad really has no clue what happened at Litchfield, so he can’t really give any advice to Bayley at this moment. Also, watching the video that Taystee posted, is really eating away at him. I think just seeing the emotion in Taystee’s eyes while she says that Poussey needs justice, really puts him over the edge to want to turn himself in. I mean, there really isn’t much else for Bayley to do. At this point, he’s just going to have suffer with the fact that he killed an inmate and who knows if he’ll ever get arrested for what he did. I personally think he should get reprimanded in some way, even if it was an accident. He killed someone, and that shouldn’t be brushed off.


The inmates finally get the chance to express what they think should be changed at Litchfield, with a number of demands. Of course, Taystee and the girls take the situation into their own hands and try to think up some demands, before including the rest of the inmates. After they tally up the requested demands, Taystee is devastated to see that arresting Bayley is very low on the list. I feel like at this point, the writers are really hitting us over the head with the fact that Taystee wants justice for Poussey. Yes, I know that it’s an important issue, but at this point, it feels like justice for Poussey comes up in every episode. I am happy though, that more important issues that will benefit the inmates in the long run, were higher up on the list. That is the kind of change we need to see. At the end of the episode, the girls finally post on the window, the list of demands. Lastly, I gotta say, that I loved seeing Alison take charge instead of Taystee for a change. She’s incredible smart and knows what she’s talking about. She was really the driving force behind making sure that everyone gave their two cents about the demands and the inmates voices were heard in the letter they posted on the window.


We got some more insight into Linda’s life and it was an interesting choice for a flashback. I never would have thought to show Linda during her time in college, but it made sense in the end. Litchfield is kind of like a school environment, because there’s clicks and some people are more popular than others, so it made perfect sense to show how Linda fit in in a school environment and how it translated to Litchfield. We saw that Linda was part of a sorority in college and tried to fit in as best as she could. This translates to Piper and Alex showing Linda how stand and to look more like an inmate. Also, in the flashback, we saw that Linda is a pretty good liar and can get out of certain situations. Case in point; lying about how her sorority leader died was pretty impressive. I mean technically it wasn’t her fault, but blaming her for maybe being on drugs, was pretty low. At Litchfield, she’s already gotten out of many situations. She’s come up with a whole new persona and has even caught the attention of Boo. And in the last flashback, we see that Linda of course became the new leader of the sorority. The only downside that Linda doesn’t know about, is that Piper and Alex found out that she dated Caputo. That’s pretty much blackmail at this point and now even Caputo himself knows she’s there.


Poor Judy is really having a rough time. Her family is waiting for her outside to take her home, and she is having trouble getting out. Also, what she doesn’t know, is that Yoga Jones and DeMarco are looking for her. I think at this point, Judy really is unnecessary. There’s so many more important stories going on, that Judy is more at the wayside now. We see that Judy finally finds a way to get outside, but yet again, the writers want to keep her storyline going, so the skinheads end up capturing her. I guess she’s just another good hostage for the inmates to have.

Red & Flores

This is the start of Red and Flores’ partnership. They actually make a really good team and I really like their characters together. They seem like a real unlikely pairing, which is why I like them. They’re both determined to take Piscatella down. So much so, that they’re taking pills to stay awake.

Crazy Eyes & Maureen

They finally left medical! The two wandered over to the cafeteria and Suzanne had to make a scene, by making everyone avoid the area where Poussey was killed. It was somewhat a nice moment because she was paying her respects to her friend. To protect the area even further, her Maureen and Brook, all sat down in a circle and ate their dinner.