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The Last Man on Earth: Our Favorite Guest Stars

For a show about The Last Man on Earth, we’ve certainly had a lot of guest stars. And very star-studded, at that. Here are my favorites!

  1. Jon Hamm was more of a cameo than a guest star, as he’s killed off immediately. If you watched Mad Men (like I didn’t), you probably appreciated seeing him on screen with January Jones again.
jon hamm
The Last Man on Earth on FOX
  1. Aside from his jeans decorating skills, I can’t say that I love Pat. Who I do love, though, is the actor who played him, Mark Boone Junior.  
mark boone
The Last Man on Earth on FOX
  1. Another Sons of Anarchy alum, Kenneth Choi‘s Lewis supplemented as the voice of reason in the group while Melissa spiraled.
lewis fashion
The Last Man on Earth on FOX
  1. Obviously Jason Sudeikis is a favorite of mine. For me, Jason Sudeikis’s character, Mike the astronaut, fell to earth at a time that I needed something new from LMOE. He renewed my love. Thank you, Jason.
The Last Man on Earth on FOX
  1. I can’t deny that Kristen Wiig is my favorite addition to the show. 3×10 “Got Milk?” revolved entirely around Pamela’s backstory. It’s an episode that, in my opinion, can stand alone within the series, and it’s one of my favorites. Though she’s only said three words to the rest of our ensemble (“Hi, I’m Pamela.”), I hope we can expect more of her in season 4. (However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t stick around.)
pam takes away dog food
The Last Man on Earth on FOX

Who were you most excited to see on the show? Let me know in the comments!

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