Hello and welcome back you wonderful people, to the new season of The Resident. With the air date just around the corner, Monday, September 24th at 8:00 PM, 7 central, lets go ahead and get into the few promo videos circulating on the television sets and Youtube. Maybe you noticed some interesting things.. I sure did.

r 11.4

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The first thing I noticed is Nurse Nic is now wearing a Doctor’s coat, meaning she most likely working back at Chastain. Last season, she was fired and detained for the murder or accidental death of Lily, a regular cancer patient that Dr. Lane Hunter was overdosing with chemo. In a shocking turn of events, Dr, Rudolph Bell helps the police catch Lane in the act of destroying files, and sets most of what was wrong season 1 right. I thought they would drag out the episode a little more, even into the Season 2 premiere, but they wrapped up everything last season. It also seems the fire between Conrad and herself is not quite out.

r 2.2

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In the promo, we see Dr. Bell heavily drinking. Is it from emotional stress, now that Lane is gone and no one is personally on his side, even for their own benefit? Or did something happen career wise, and he is drinking away his days? We also have Conrad Hawkins and Dr. Bell butting heads. Glad some things haven’t changed. Marshall Winthrop, Conrad’s father and Investor in Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, also pops in. Wonder how many Daddy issues will be brought to light this season.

r 10.4

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Doctors AJ Austin and Mina Okafor are both featured in the promos, which is exciting because their clash of hardheadedness with the skills to back it up is really nice. I wonder if a spark will happen between them, or if tragedy will strike and the others will see what really makes the doctors who they are today. Last season showed Mina has a small arsonal of medical supplies which she uses to treat those in her neighborhood who cannot afford health care from her home. Nic found out about it after following her home. Maybe we see that room again, and Mina needs AJ’s help. AJ also has a bit of history, meaning some of the people he rubbed the wrong way while learning his craft might come back to haunt him.

The only thing in the previews that I did not see, and is truly upsetting, was no Doctor Irving Feldman. He is my absolute favorite character, and brings just enough comedy to the series to keep it from being a super dark, broody show. I will be crushed if he does not return this season! But, for now, we can only wait and see. Remember, Monday, September 24th, at 8 PM, 7 Central, on Fox is the air date. Hope to see you all real soon, and until then, Stay Shiny!