If you’ve ever been around a small child with your phone out for more than three seconds you’ve probably been asked, “do you have any games on your phone?”

While we know it’s heart stopping to hand a child any piece of technology, there are situations we wish there were more child friendly mobile games on our phones that didn’t require the ability to read.

This is one of the many niches “Magikarp Jump!” is amazing at filling.

Magikarp Jump! – The Pokémon Company

Magikarp Jump! is a simple upgrade style game revolving around training Magikarp for jumping contests.

Magikarp Jump! – The Pokémon Company

Great for killing a few minutes waiting in line, or burning distracting children, you can play the game by simply feeding your Magikarp randomly materialize berries like a Pokémon themed tamagatchi — see what we mean by not needing to known how to read to play? There is also training, item collecting, jump tournaments (this would be the main storyline), and collecting coins and diamonds to upgrade the benefits of berries and the various training activities.

Magikarp Jump! – The Pokémon Company

Caution to the weary: Magikarp can get snatched up by pidgeotto or caught in voltorb explosions during certain triggered events if you encourage your magikarp to participate in risky behavior, and it isn’t mournful as your character is prompted to simply fish up a new magikarp and start over.

Getting a new magikarp means fishing up a Karp with potentialy new pattern, and higher potential with greater max levels and jumping power. You can also fish for new magikarp when your current partner reaches its max potential, in which it “retires” to the background of your pond, where it will occassionaly drift by and you can tap it and see its name and jump power it retired with.

A cute game with an amazing soundtrack that requires absolutely no money to play or do well in which is advertised in the loading screen.

[No one at TGON has never been prompted to purchase anything while playing Magikarp Jump!]

Magikarp Jump! – The Pokémon Company

We give this mobile game a solid 4.5 star review, and it only loses points for being “repetitive”, and stale with the pokemon you see (other bird Pokémon could snatch the magikarp), but these are minor flaws and we highly recommend having it on your phone as a no-brainer.