It has been a while since this side of TGON has seen a farming sim. Over here, we are always excited to share a new indie title that is sure to become a fan favorite. Today is no different! I am excited to share with you, Everafter Falls.

Everafter Falls
Source: EverAfter Fall’s Kickstarter

The Storyline

Developer and publisher SquareHusky drew inspiration from cult classics such as Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing; however, this is quite a unique tale. The player wakes up realizing their time on Earth was nothing but a simulation. They have a bit of amnesia and need to rediscover themselves. However, things are not perfect in Everafter Falls, and the player needs to find their niche purpose. While figuring out who they are, players are never alone due to their animal companions. These pets can help around the farm by tilling the land, watering crops, and more!

What Makes Everafter Falls Unique?

Having a cute animal friend on the farm that can help with chores is pretty unique in itself, but there is even more delicious content to share. Crops range from apples and mulberries to durian and square watermelons! There are also avocado and wurple trees, each that bears its amount of fruit. Drones are also an integral part of farming life in Everafter Falls; they can be used to water plants or even fish. If growing crops does not tickle your fancy, there are always adorable animals.

While many of the animals are currently in development, alpacas are ready to join the farm! Players can also catch pixies and have them help on the farm. Some of these tiny pals can extract resources while others speed up plant growth. Sick of spending time on the farm? There’s interior design, town exploration, fishing, and dungeon crawling. There is always something for players to do in Everafter Falls, including quests, befriending adorable townsfolk, and crafting. SquareHusky has thought of everything that a player would need to have a good time. Did I mention there is also a co-op mode?

Odds and Ends

The Everafter Falls Kickstarter has been completed, and SquareHusky anticipates a March 2022 release for PC, Mac, and Linux players. To ensure you are informed of the release date, be sure to Wishlist it on Steam. Nintendo Switch players will hopefully see a release several months after. Overall, Everafter Falls is a cute take on an old classic, and you can bet your bottom dollar I already have it Wishlisted!