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Maria convenes a special assembly in the chapel as the inmates plot their next move. Frieda makes use of the survival skills she learned as a kid.



We get our first back story of the season, and even though we didn’t get to see Frieda’s story reveal her incident that landed her in jail; we did get to see where her resourcefulness comes from. We saw that she was a Nature Scout and that her dad fully believed in the “Red Scare,” back in the late 40’s and 50’s. He believed in always being prepared for the worst, so that got passed along to Frieda at a young age as well. Her dad even went as far as to create their home in somewhat of a bunker. Now back to today during this riot, Frieda was in a tricky situation because she was caged in the kitchen, with the skin heads and obviously needed to get out. Thankfully being the resourceful person that she is, Frieda decided to mess with the guards looking after them. She made darts and shot them. Then she made them believe that they were going to die, unless they set her free and had her make them the antidote. Being the stupid guards that they are, they freed the inmates and she walked off to her own bunker at Litchfield. I really loved Frieda this season, and this moment really showcased what her norm was and that it was comfortable for her. In any given situation, she can overcome it and find a place to take shelter. I was actually really impressed that she had so many rationings and even a nice lounge chair in her bunker. I want to know how she snuck all that stuff down there.

The guards 

The guards were very pivotal during this episode. They pretty much got the ball rolling in terms of really making the riot legitimate. First of all, Daya was struggling yet again because she revealed to some of the inmates, that she lost the gun. Of course that means that she lost her power, but she tried the best she could to make it seem like she still had it. Then secondly, we have Maria trying to make herself the leader of the riot. She decides to hold a meeting for all the inmates and guarantees that things are going to get better. Phones are handed out to several of the inmates, and the main event, was for the guards to get humiliated. This was karma for what the guards had to do to the inmates, every time they arrived at Litchfield. I really felt bad for the guards to a point, but I think now they got a taste of their own medicine. We can all agree that being strip searched and violated, is never enjoyable for anyone. Lastly, we got some new additions to the guard humiliation at the end. Daya, and the other girls talked to Taystee and her girls, and came to the agreement, that everyone needs to work together. This in terms meant that Caputo and Josh were joining the guards. And might I add, that before this went down, Caputo found out that a guard had been shot. I’m sure that frightened him a little bit. Also, Maritza and Flaca had the job of grabbing Humps. The last torture the guards, Caputo and Josh endured was to get their picture taken for the world to see. I’m just wondering after writing all of this. What would actually happen if a women’s prison had a riot in the real world? Would inmates try to be civilized with each other and gang up on the guards? Or would it be chaos and everyone trying to escape the prison?


We didn’t get many scenes from medical, but we did get to see Humps get messed up. Humps finally woke up from his trauma, and weirdly went off on this rampage about how different civilizations from the past killed each other. This scene really showed that Humps likes death a lot and has a sadistic attitude. I mean, no wonder he treated the inmates so poorly. Thankfully, Maureen made the decision to harm Humps even further, by blowing air bubbles into his IV. Just writing that makes me sound sadistic, but c’mon, Humps is the absolute WORST! He did end up having a stroke as a result, and sadly I don’t feel bad about that. He was a terrible person and I’m pretty sure, if he ever got out of Litchfield, he’d find himself back in prison, probably this time as an inmate. Also, side note, is Maureen’s face just never going to get better?


While the riot is going on inside Litchfield, there is also a lot of commotion going on outside as well. Employees from Max and the police force are all trying to figure out what’s going on and what the next step should be. And then Piscatella comes into the picture. This is when I knew things were going to get bad. Piscatella is like the energizer bunny. Once he starts something, he won’t stop until it’s finished. He keeps going and going and going. He tries to get through the front door and gets greeted by his favorite inmate, Red. She’s so happy with herself, that she’s sharing Piscatella’s table setting pictures, but of course nothing fazes him. He’s ready to destroy those inmates. And while security is trying to stop the riot, Judy’s family is trying to find a way to save her.