Tyler Golden/The CW

This week really signified the next big step in Jane’s moving on process.

Sure we saw her go on a date with Dennis a few episodes ago, but this week was where the real change started to happen. And it’s all thanks to Fabian! A dumb, sweet, rising telenovela star whose idol is Rogelio. This just so happens to be one of those situations where a daughter dates a man just like her father. At first, Jane and Fabian seemed a little touch and go. He didn’t really seem to understand that she was making moves…he actually seemed a little more interested in attracting Rogelio’s attention.

Meanwhile, Jane struggled to release the details of her personal life for the sake of book promotion. At first, she refused to tell her “real” story in public, because she didn’t want to treat Michael like an anecdote, but a conversation with Professor Donaldson helped her realize that you only release you first book once! So Jane decided to woman up and tell her truth. At a book fair, while she talked about being vulnerable, Fabian watched and started to fall for her. Cut to them making out on her front porch. Who knows how far #Jabian will actually go, but in the meantime, they are pretty cute.

Elsewhere in love land, Rafael has got it BAD for Petra. It’s painful for me to watch (#teamjafael) but that’s neither here nor there. Petra hasn’t noticed though, because she only has eyes for Chuck. It’s honestly so bizarre. Not saying Chuck doesn’t have any…attractive…qualities…but he and Petra have very little in common. And if you had the option of Raf or Chuck…would it really be a competition?? Although I suppose some could say Rafael has his fair share of issues…Chuck pointed out to Petra at the end of the episode that Rafael’s still into her, which she scoffed at. But now that it’s present in her mind, it’s possible we may get a real Petra and Raf reunion very soon!

Jane, Raf, and Petra weren’t the only ones dealing with love and lust! Alba was having a hard time resisting the sultry charms of Jorge! What made it even worse was that he was totally ready to get it on. Alas, Alba doesn’t believe in sex outside of marriage. He took it hard at first and I was REALLY ready to believe that Jorge is a total dog. But then, we found out he just needed a bit of time to process and he doesn’t know how to respond to texts. Casual old people problems.

Oh and PS: Luisa and Rose are back and doing something shady. This time, though, it seems like Luisa may care more about getting to know her nieces and nephews than staying with Rose. Good for you, Luisa!
Next week, we’ll find out that Jane and Alba aren’t the only ones who avoid sex outside of wedlock….!