Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

This week on iZombie, all hell (began) to break loose. I assume we are already gearing up for the climax of the season, leading into the finale. I mean, this week’s episode literally ended with Liv and Blaine going full Romero to take on the zombie KKK (I don’t know their names…I don’t care to know them) I just hope Ravi and even Don E get out safely. While Rob Thomas is a genius in many respects, his villains are pretty unlikable. Blaine is an exception here, obviously. But he’s almost like an anti-hero at this point. It’s just hard to like a storyline when you don’t even like to hate the villain, so all of this time in the shooting range was pretty boring to me.

Other things that bugged me:

Major spent the entire episode in Fort Lust with a rando. I’m with Liv here, this is weird. I’m convinced this rando is going to crazy murder him. Or something like that. Boring storyline.

I never loved Drake. TBH when I ship, I ship hard so I don’t like any of Liv or Major’s S.O.s. So, while it was slightly comical to see him back and Liv making out with thin air, I could’ve done without that storyline.

I don’t like that Mr. Boss is back and a threat again. He is another example of an unlikable villain.

I DID like how the format of this week’s episode was a little bit different.

I know it seems like I’m being really harsh, but it’s just because this show can be freaking amazing. I don’t like seeing it hit these low points. Hopefully next week will be better.