Source: Entertainment Weekly

First off, during the panel, they showed a great blooper reel from this past season, so enjoy!

Blooper Reel

And now the spoilers that we know so far for the last season. 😢

  1. We probably won’t see a new Leda clone introduced.
  2. The season will start off fast paced as usual, but some episodes will delve more into a single clone’s storyline.
  3. We will learn more about Kira.
  4. A fan will get the chance to win a walk-on role.
  5. There will be more Rachel vs Sarah rivalry.
  6. The creators, John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, have some ideas about the final episode. “We want 12 clones in one scene.”
  7. We will see Krystal again.
  8. We haven’t seen the last of the male clones.
  9. We might see some past characters brought back.

Also, some conversations that the cast talked about, that I thought was interesting was…

  1. Kathryn Alexandre, Tatiana’s double, talked about filming the scene where Sarah gets the implant taken out of her mouth. A lot of the times, they use Kathryn’s body parts, and splice them onto Tatiana’s body, so the transitions look smoother. Apparently, Kathryn’s mouth was put onto Tatiana’s mouth.
  2. The cast thinks that when Helena has her babies, she’ll be an excellent mom. She already has those motherly instincts, so they’re in good hands.
  3. The cast still wants to know more backstory about what Delphine was doing after she was treated for her injury.