Gina Rodriguez posted this adorable shot on Instagram…presumably from a season 4 promo shoot! 🙂

Season three of Jane The Virgin was unique, because of the huge shift in tone in the middle of the season. It almost feels like the first half of season three was actually the end of season two.

Oh, seriously? You don’t remember why it feels so different?!

I don’t blame you; there’s so much drama and action that sometimes we forget even the biggest plot points. Michael died halfway through season three and the narrative pushed forward three years. Many people hated this shift at first. (Michael lovers–if I was a Michael lover, I’d hate it, too). But I personally felt the drama was getting a bit stale, so the shake up really breathed some life back into everyone’s storylines. Primarily Jane’s.

Jane’s development as a telenovela heroine was sort of backed into a corner when she married Michael. How do we really get to see her blossom and explore life and love when she’s already happily married with a child at 25? We don’t. Now that she’s a widow and a mother, we get to see how that affects her life, and how she adapts to be able to love again. It’s so much more compelling. Except for the bits with Fabian. He was an idiot.

The time jump also allowed Xo and Ro to find their way back to each other in an interesting and authentic way. The only reason it really works is BECAUSE they spent three years apart, growing and changing. I just really hope their relationship lasts…there comes a point in every will they or won’t they when they hit won’t they too many times.

Rafael spent 9 months in jail and spent the rest of those 3 years becomes wiser, kinder, and (to be perfectly honest, sorry #teamMichael) a perfect match for Jane. Before, there was always that spoiled aspect that kept them apart, but now he’s different and it’s made all the difference for Jane.
As a hardcore #teamRaf supporter, this time jump has been a true blessing.

Petra is also a completely different person. She’s stronger in every way. She’s a wonderful mother, an excellent business woman, and she’s wanted by hoards of men. Understandably. Our only real concerns for Petra currently are: 1. She can’t seem to let go of Rafael, and it will always hurt her, and 2. Anezka might be about to kill her. Oof.

The only real con to missing those 3 years is being out of the loop on some drama. But, it’s sort of fun how it’s all revealed in pieces.

In the end, Jennie Snyder Urman and team made an excellent decision in flashing forward. This new, refreshed Jane The Virgin is so dynamic; it’s hard to imagine having to wait 4 months for new episodes!