Before I get to far into the episode, I have to say I am very happy that the show returned, I felt it was a bit sluggish at first, but it ended very well. They said this was the season finale but never said series finale, so I wonder and hope we will see this show return again, either with this cast or a new cast.

This episode kicks back 6 minutes before the end of the previous episode. Jacob and a tied up Sara are downstairs. Jacob is trying to talk to Sara about, essentially how smart he thinks he is and that he framed Michael from the get go and he will kill him. One of Jacob’s lackeys come in and Sara starts to talk to him to see if he will crack, she mentions how Jacob was the one who killed the CIA director Harlan Gaines and not Michael, Jacob can’t handle the truth being said anymore and punches Sara in the face! Michael arrives at the house, so Jacob gets ready to leave and says in 10 minutes the house will burn down with 2 bodies inside, but not to worry her son won’t be on of the bodies found. Jacob’s lackey does seem intrigued by what Sara was saying so he goes upstairs to confront Michael, ask some questions to make sure he is the guy. With some time to make a move Sara is trying toe her way out of the chair, while Emily, who was upstairs for the diversion, can’t handle the plan being derailed and shoots her partner saying nobody can leave 21 void. His blood was the one we saw on the door ending the last episode.

Mike escapes the house with the urging of Michael, he tells him that uncle Lincoln is down the driveway but it’s really only Jacob as he takes Mike and splits. Michael is perplexed on why Lincoln wasn’t where he was supposed to be so they leave to his last known whereabouts. They find Lincoln shot in the car, take him to the hospital and leave themselves so they don’t get caught.

Teddy and his son are driving to Michael with the jar of blood. They meet up with Sara and Michael, Michael tells Teddy was monitoring his communication with friends and allies for years, but he never did with anyone he despised, like Teddy, so Michael figured he would show grace to someone who never saw it in his life hoping it would be returned. Michael’s pitch is that Teddy and son can get out of Poseidon’s grip if Teddy is able to kill Poseidon. Teddy thinks about it but realizes that he is the only one with the killing gene in his body. He agrees, Sara will go and make sure Lincoln is safe, but first Whip and T-Bag need to go collect a wild card that Poseidon doesn’t know about while Michael will go back to where it all began.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s tech guy comes to talk to Jacob and realizes that the tattoos on Michael is a code, and that something is inside the eyes of the tattoo but it will take some more time for him to dig in and decipher it. When going back inside Jacob tries to spin it that the tech guy was really a police detective, and his mother has died but he will take him far away from these people who wanted to hurt him. Jacob continues to spin the lie by saying his lackey was really a CIA agent sent to protect him, and that Michael was really a wanted man named Kaniel Outis. It’s all so much for the young Mike to wrap his head around so he believes Jacob.

Jacob and Emily, his go back to the zoo where he first encountered Michael, he thinks this is where he is going to go back too, but he is wrong. The tech guy deciphers the code in the eyes tattoo, it states, “never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.” It was a excerpt from Napoleon. While Jacob is away from his office, Michael arrives, the dots that Michael had on the outside of his hands was really a path to look like Jacob for the facial recognition camera. It is the picture at the top, and honestly it was very surreal and pretty awesome. Since Michael is able to get inside his office, and grab all the incriminating files, he calls Jacob to set up the exchange, Mike for the files, they agree to meet tomorrow at 5 pm instead of continuing this little dance.

Elsewhere, Lincoln has checked himself out of the hospital without telling his brother. Sara isn’t sure where he is, she is asked by the doctor what happened as someone else from the same street came in with a gunshot wound that same day. Sara plays it off as it if it must be unrelated, which in a sense it was, but she goes to talk to the man on his deathbed asking for answers. Lincoln goes to Abruzzi and says that no money is worth blood money, and wants him to say they are clear, Abruzzi doesn’t so Lincoln socks him a couple times and says it’s to late as the cops come to arrest him as Lincoln escapes. Back at the hospital, the former killer asks for a pen and paper, he first writes, ‘let me die’, he later writes an address of where he thinks Mike will be after Sara pleads with him again, before she leaves he puts his hand over her wrist and looks at her with a look of sadness and shame.

The wildcard is someone Michael broke out of prison in South America, Michael told him he might call on him sometime and he says well it seems like that time is now, he was in a hotel working on a replica scene of the JFK murder and it looked to be pristine. We see Mike, and the text on the screen says he is at the University of Ithica. Sara finds where her son is, she peaks around a tree and motions at him to be quiet.

At the predetermined meet spot Jacob and Michael show up. Things are about to go down as they say, Jacob, ever the jerk, says he is holding all the cards. Whip comes out with a gun, followed by Emily the thug who shoots Whip, with T-Bag coming out last. Michael gives his gun to Jacob, Jacob thinks that is the last of Michael’s tricks and wants him to know that someone called in a tip to the FBI that Kaniel Outis is in the building, FBI arrives. Whip tries to disarm Emily, it doesn’t work and Whip gets shot again. Jacob wants the hard drives, Michael says they are elsewhere so they walk towards them, Emily has a gun to T-Bag and Whip, she gets distracted by the FBI so T-Bag goes and snaps her neck and is arrested as the FBI arrives with Emily and Whip both dead.

Sara and Lincoln go inside the University and as expected Lincoln knocks the techie out, they get Mike and Sara calls Michael to say she has Mike. With that FBI is on their tail, Michael runs off, taking off his jacket and grabbing another he had set up on a peg, he runs through a door into an open area and Jacob shoots Michael in the back as he falls on his face, but no blood! The gun had blanks, and upon further inspection the area is an exact replica of when the CIA deputy director was killed, the wild card built the scene from the tape exactly, and with the new video they are recording he can go back and put Jacob in as the rightful killer. This happened in the back of an 18 wheeler and the wildcard starts to drive away, Poseidon(Jacob) is able to pull Michael back into the main building out of the 18 wheeler, they get into a fist fight that Michael is dominating until the FBI comes and arrests Michael. Jacob is also arrested for blood evidence found in his office of Harlan Gaines. We get another scene of what Michael was doing in Jacob’s office earlier, he had the jar of blood that T-Bag and Whip had that was really Harlan’s from the murder, Michael was spreading traces of that on some servers and computer equipment in Jacob’s office, an office that is presumed only accessible by Jacob with the facial recognition software.

Michael is being asked questions, the new director doesn’t understand why Michael gave him all of the information and if he was trying to manipulate him too. Michael doesn’t know what he would gain from that, but Poseidon’s tech guy confessed to it all confirming Michael’s story, the director says he is impressed by his ingenuity and offers Michael a job, which he declines. He does say that he has one things he can do for him.

We fast forward to a field, Michael and Lincoln talk about being alive again and not running, Sara, Sheba and Mike are on the grass too in front of them. Lincoln asks why Michael called Sheba, and he said because he knew he wouldn’t. Lincoln is shocked how things are working out, no mention of his son LJ however, Lincoln goes to sit with Sheba.

How does it end? Back where it all began, Jacob is put up in Fox River, his new cell mate? T-Bag, we hear Jacob screaming as he realizes who his cell mate is. We can assume T-Bag killed him, or at the very least is making Jacob hold his pocket.

That concludes the season of Prison Break, thanks for joining with me, we are uncertain if this will return for a season 6 or if it will be reset with a new group of characters, either way I enjoyed the ride!