When looking for a new video game, I tend to compare anything I come across to my three favorite titles, Stardew Valley, Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing. I like the relaxing elements of farming, the excitement of combat, and adorable animal NPCs. When I came across Snacko, I just knew I had to share it with the world.


Source: Snacko

Snacko farming RPG game currently under development for release in 2021 on PC via Steam and possibly other consoles in the future. The husband and wife duo, Jordan and Erisa, have crafted a concept that is unique in that it not only combines two types of graphics but also seamlessly smashes together to of my favorite things. Cats and virtual farming. That’s right ya’ll, Snacko’s villagers are all adorable 8-bit cats.


Source: Snacko

The four-legged protagonist of Snacko found the burning desire to revive their home island full of resources, puzzles, and exploration. Players can enjoy components regularly seen in this genre, such as farming, fishing, cooking, combat, and crafting. However, there are also new elements thrown into the mix when farming, some crops span over multiple seasons or have interesting effects like catnip. Fishing with different rods brings up a variety of mini-games to change up the catch, and each island has its own fish. There is also town customization and four different biomes full to the brim with puzzles, recipes, and creatures, as well as the ability to recruit various villagers to your island! The most prominent secret players will need to uncover is why the previous inhabitants left behind such a beautiful island.

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Snacko brings together the best parts of Stardew Valley, Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing. After watching the trailer, I found myself intrigued by the unique plot and whimsical graphics. The music was tranquil, and I could see myself getting lost in the world of Snacko for hours on end. Overall, I’m looking forward to the release of Snacko and hope others find the trailer as spectacular as I do.