Hulu Television The Handmaid's Tale

Thoughts I Had While Watching “The Other Side”

  • This reminds me of Outlander’s narrative shift.
  • Wouldn’t you already have the gun loaded?
  • So Hannah is just beautiful
  • Ooo Luke IS alive!
  • I wonder why they didn’t kill him outright? I mean what did they want him for?
  • There is far less tension knowing already that he lives… Unless there is a big Twist™
  • O-T Fagbenle is A+ nice to see more of him.
  • I freak out if my kid wanders off in Target, I can’t imagine this fear
  • So there’s a flashback within a flashback?
  • Yeah, you should have left immediately. Hindsight and all that, though.
  • Oh I want to know more about June’s mom.
  • I’m with Luke. I’d try and take every photo I have.
  • Oh shit, one time you don’t want the cops to find you in a trunk.
  • My prom date just married me…
  • I’m not sure there is such a thing as safe these days…
  • Luke, take the shooting lessons
  • Canada has always been the magical land of the north to me…
  • “You’re going to bleed to death” “Fuck you!”
  • A nun, couple of strays, an Army Brat, and a gay. Good group to run away from.
  • It’s nice to see some flashbacks. I wonder if they’re idealized through the lense of his current horror?
  • Oh man, so mute girl was in one of the Red Centers
  • Oh shit. Random dude with a dog and a gun. Time to go.
  • Luke. I get where you’re coming from but you’re gonna be useless dead
  • OMG gun dog guy scared the shit out of me
  • Aw helper dude is dead.
  • But gun dog guy is good: “This is pretty fucked up.”
  • Luke still seems pretty oblivious to just how terrible shit is now…
  • Oh shit, that is a church full of dead people.
  • This escape seems too easy…
  • Never let it be said that an opportunity to make a buck was wasted…
  • Oh shit, nevermind that is ALOT OF GUNS
  • 3years later in Little America, Toronto.
  • Canada is better at America than America.
  • Aw Luke and mute girl are friends.
  • So is this kinda what’s left of US government? Other than Alaska?
  • The missing posters and single star flag broke my heart a bit more than I thought they would…
  • “I love you, so much. Save Hannah.”

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