Father Gabriel showing off the latest in Alexandria spring fashions. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Now that football has ended, Sunday’s are delegated to the dead. This season is lined up to have all sorts of non stop action right from the beginning. Alexandria is in shambles after an attack from the group The Wolves. If that sneak attack wasn’t enough it attracted all sorts of walkers to the wall, with their combined force in numbers, and the tower outside the walls weakened from the truck crash, the walls have been breached. The group is in shambles, some are off trying to lead the rest of the herd away, some are locked up, some are stuck in a house, while others are trapped on the wall or trying to get back inside. One thing is for sure everyone is exhausted, so how are they supposed to deal with it all?

As you can see from Father Gabriel’s awesome fashion sense, they are going back old school with blood and walker guts all over themselves to escape the horde. But once they get out what is the plan? Where do they go and how do they get there? It is safe to say, and especially if you have watched how the previous episode ended that people are going to die. Are they going to be able to clean up and reclaim Alexandria? I think in time with an appropriate strategy they can. Find a way to lead them out, or maybe find some high ground, it will take a team effort to make it happen.

But all of this drama is the minor event. Negan’s people have made contact with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, that is just going to spell trouble for everyone involved. You can tell that Negan’s crew is a rough group of individuals who believe that anything and everything belongs to them. What boundaries if any are the not willing to cross?

I’m expecting the second half of the season to change the playing field like never before. Minor deaths will occur, a major death or two will occur. I expect that we will see new exciting locations, maybe briefly, with Alexandria being taken back over and rebuilt. I fully expect the Walking Dead universe to never be the same again once this season concludes. All I know is I can’t wait, and I expect every week to just be a heavy hitting episode as the Negan story lines begin to build.

Also I still think that my prediction before the season holds true, one of our major characters will lose an limb or some other vital body part and I think it will occur in this next episode.