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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4: Top Five Episodes

Now that season four of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has come to a close, let’s look back on the top five episodes (according to me):

Coral Palms Parts 1-3: Hey! It’s my slideshow and I can make a 3-parter count as one if I want to. This was a great season opener with LOTS of fun cameos. Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // FOX
Monster in the Closet: Rosa & Adrian’s ALMOST wedding was a real hoot. Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // FOX
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The Fugitive Parts 1 and 2: Another multi-part episode…with the return of the Pontiac Bandit! How could I leave this off the list? Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // FOX
The Last Ride: The 99 thought they were being shut dwon, so hilarity ensued. The best part (and the main reason I included it) was the speed training Holt gave Amy. Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // FOX
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Cop Con: Ain’t no party like a 99 party, cause a 99 party gets…photographed. Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // FOX

As you can see, none of the end of the season was included. Because I didn’t like the end of this season.

Sorry if that seems salty. I need some time to cool off after that finale. See you next season!

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