Scorpion season 3 was in a word — wild. There were a lot of moments that surprised me, like Happy’s random and short run as a stand up comedian. Oh, did you forget about that? Ya, I did too. Well, ok… I didn’t forget, I pretty purposely pushed that out of my working memory.

Anyways that was the result of complicated and seriously misguided relationship errors. Wow, don’t we wish Team Scorpion had someone who was well versed in emotional issues and could help them work through communication roadblocks that sometimes occur with stubborn super geniuses? OH YA — they do have one of those! Unfortunately, their resident emotional liaison spent the entire season in the middle of her own poorly communicated love triangle. The season opened with a shocking decision by Walter to chase her and Tim (haha ya remember him?) to Lake Tahoe where he plans to confess his love to her. He makes it there, but decides last minute not to disrupt what appears to be a lovely moment between the two of them. The unspoken love confession causes a major riff in Walter’s subconscious, and when he is launched into space (haha ya remember that?) and is slowly losing consciousness due to oxygen loss, his fantasizes about kissing her and he admits he loves her loud for all to hear.

Paige then grapples with her feelings for half a season, which is dumb because we all knew she loved Walter and though she claimed Walter wasn’t ready to be in a real relationship, he connected well with Ralph and she never really could move on to anyone else. But still it would not be until the near final episode of the season that they communicated their feelings and finally got together.

Meanwhile things were crazy over in Quintis land. For one, season 2 ended with Toby’s big proposal and Happy immediately shutting him down. We come to find out that it was because she was actually already married! To who? Why, to Walter of course! So that was a big problem that actually seemed to resolve itself fairly quickly to make room for a new problem — Happy is pregnant! Oh wait, no she’s not. And that’s literally about as long as that problem lasted. But it did convince Happy of what she truly wanted in life, which was a family and a life with Toby. AWWW! So the rest of the season was spent preparing for Happy & Toby’s big day, which Happy really wanted to include her father in but he got arrested at the last minute. Sorry Happy.

Other storylines this season include Sly’s attempt to become mayor or city rep or something. Cabe was his campaign manager and this lead to Cabe’s romance with the Sly’s opponent’s campaign manager. How scandalous of you Cabe! Sly ended up gaining the position by learning to face his fears and stand up to his enemies (and the guy who actually won the election was found to have been cheating, so the position went to Sly).

So what does next season hold? Well we know there will be some relationship hoops to jump through for Walter and Paige as they navigate officially being a couple, and now that Happy and Toby are married, I expect some baby talk to come from them. I expect that Cabe will remain with his new love interest, and perhaps they’ll throw another someone in there for Sly. I don’t think that would be a good idea but I do think it’s something they would do.

Overall the season had it’s ups and downs — quite literally. Team Scorpion went down into caves underground, and to space. The season had a lot of interesting cases and plot lines. I’ll be interested to see what season 4 brings!