Liz has to try to correct her mistake, so to speak. She created this alien killing serum and then Isobel forced Kyle to inject it. But this time, she has Michael’s help, and he is a basically a genius with the power to move objects with his mind. Meanwhile, everyone is dealing with Isobel’s absense. Which of course Max and Michael are not being honest about. How can they? Noah is human, but he put her out last time we saw him.

Liz has now found a conscience through all her anger because she realized that she is basically killing Isobel. But Maria interrupts her work and asks her to take a trip with her to see about some things for her mom. The same location that Max is interested in. They end up arriving at the same time and it’s a party everyone. Quick banter back and forth and then they proceed inside to determine if this lady is a charlatan or the real thing. But the boys have their doubts. So they decide to do a little investigating and they find out she is just a money-hungry liar scamming people. With a little alien magic, they expose the fraud. And Maria’s feelings are hurt because she wants her mom to get better. She decides to drink her troubles away with Michael in tow.

Kameron has cornered Alex in regards to his father and what he asked her to do. She shows him the information and they compare notes. And we add Kyle to the equation. Together they decide to investigate the source of these mysterious handprints. Kyle knows a bit more but he decides not to say much. And they know that the subject is alien and it could be a serial killer. Who they think is Max. But they disagree on that. Still, they decide to share and compare information and hash out a plan of attack. Forming an unlikely alliance.

Max, Maria, Michael, and Liz find themselves drunk and needing lodgings for the night. But Maria and Michael have gone missing. However, the next morning proves to be fruitful. But it’s the mother who had the information that Max sought. The lady is a Native American and told the tale of a lady who lived on the reservation who told stories of an alien. But the lady is long dead now. And Michael and Maria find themselves in a compromising position. Not only because of the sex but because Alex is Michael’s ex and Maria’s best friend. That may be a recipe for disaster. Or will it?

It seems that Liz has finally come to a decision about her feelings for Max. She even feels guilty for potentially killing Isobel. It seems that he may be forgiven for hiding Rosa’s death. And she can no longer deny that she loves Max. While they are engrossed in each other, Noah creeps his way in and finds out where Isobel is. But he doesn’t react like how we expected him to. Which is virtually no reaction but to cancel his missing person’s report. But there may be a 4th alien who is responsible for all the heartache.