Breaking Bad is still the most successful television series to date.

It won 110 different awards and was nominated an incredible 262 times. Even the spin-off, Better Call Saul is a huge success. So it only makes sense that they piggy-back on it with a feature film.

But what will happen? Let’s poke around some of the best sportsbooks with entertainment prop odds to see if we can’t figure this movie out before it hits the box offices.

The two biggest questions are if Jesse Pinkman will survive until the end credits and if Walter White will appear. Although both are hot topics, their odds differ greatly.

Will Walter White Appear?

This is an interesting one because ‘Yes’ is -2000. Or 20 to 1. This would indicate a more than 95% probability that we’ll see Walter in El Camino. My one question is if he will appear in a flashback or if he will show up in the current timeline. Like, a plot twist to the series that he didn’t actually die. The odds that he won’t appear is a longshot, +1000, or 10 to 1, indicating just a 9 percent possibility that MR. White isn’t in the movie. So, we can almost assuredly expect to see Walter in the movie at some point.

Will Jesse Pinkman Survive?

Yeah, b*tch! The odds of Jesse Surviving are -150, implying a 60 percent probability that Pinkman makes it to the end of the movie with his life intact. That said, the ‘no’ answer is just +110, which isn’t showing a lot of confidence in his survivability. There are a couple of things to consider with this part of the plot, the main thing being whether or not the franchise wants to leave El Camino open for a second part.

But there are already a lot of people talking on threads about not being that interested in what happens to Jesse, so I’m not sure if there is enough draw to continue on with the Pinkman story. So, would it serve the story in a more dramatic fashion to go out with a bang … so to speak?

One thing that leads me to believe that Jesse will end up taking an eternal dirt nap in El Camino is the list of odds on how he’ll die. So despite the betting lines slightly favoring Jesse’s survival, there sure are an awful lot of ways for him to die listed. There are lines from everything to being burned alive, pushed off a bridge, strangled, shot, drowned, ODed, buried alive, and many more. Jesse dying by gunshot wound seems pretty likely, as that is a common way for criminals to go. And at 3 to 1 odds, it isn’t a bad choice. But he’s also always struggled with drug addiction so overdosing at -1000, 10 to 1 is pretty valuable as well. Drowning and being buried alive are both good options – especially buried alive as it’s fitting– because they are crime and mobster movie classics. Give em the ol’ concrete boots, or bury him in the desert as punishment. Given the fact that the Mexican syndicates are heavily involved in this plot, ‘buried alive’ at +3300 or 33 to 1 has a lot of value.

If I were to bet, I would throw small wagers on dies by gunshot, overdose, and being buried alive. Along with a wager that he doesn’t make it the credits.

Other Fun Props

Will Los Pollos Hermanos and Grey Matter be featured in El Camino? Los Pollos Hermanos is likely to appear given the -200 odds for ‘yes’ but Grey Matter might be deemed less intriguing and less necessary for the plot as it is set at +300 for ‘yes’ and a long, -500 for ‘no.’

Will someone call Saul? The odds that Saul Goodman makes an appearance are -500, implying an 83.3 percent chance that he shifty lawyer appears in El Camino.

What do you think will happen in El Camino? No matter what, it’s all good, man.