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The Catch – “The Dining Hall”

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The conflicts of interest have been numerous and in full effect on “The Catch” so far. From Rhys and Ben’s work with the FBI, to Alice and Val taking Margot Bishop on as a client. The line between good and bad was always blurred but is now becoming completely non-existent.

Main issue at hand on last week’s episode “The Dining Hall” is what to do with Alice’s sketchy brother Tommy. Having shown his true colors by allowing Rhys to help him take the cartel money and disappear, it’s clear he and Alice aren’t on the same page. Alice has continually worked off of the assumption that Tommy wanted help-Tommy just wants the almighty dollar though.

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As for the other half: the job Ben and Rhys were working (jewel laundering) takes a dramatic turn. Intel shows a Japanese diplomat has been using Kenji’s restaurant as a front to funnel diamonds into the states. The jewels are blood stained-they’ve been utilized as payment for some very nefarious activities and Agent Diaz wants to flush the major players out.

In related but unrelated jewels, Tommy leaves a paper trail of his whereabouts by using cartel funds to buy Sophie diamond earrings. Although Rhys set him up with a new identity and got him on a flight to Slovenia, Alice finds him, saves him from a cartel lieutenant (because of course Tommy was a low level shill for Southland) and turns him into the LAPD. All in one afternoon’s work.

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At the long-term con, Rhys and Ben throw an exclusive underground dinner party and invite the Japanese Consul General and her son. In a plot twist, the son, Jesse, is the mastermind behind the diamond smuggling. The missing $3MM of cartel funds-stolen from Tommy by Rhys-is used as bait by Rhys and Ben to avoid being shish kebabed. Only problem: Alice promised the Southland cartel she would deliver the funds back to them. Oh the trouble they are all in…

And Margot and Danny are having angry sex. So there’s that too.

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