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The Catch – “The Mockingbird” A Series Finale Recap

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

And just like that, “The Catch” is no more.

For a second season filled with twists and turns and a really fun romcom feel, the series finale “The Mockingbird” went out with a whimper. Following last week’s kidnapping of Tessa and shooting of Sophie, Margot went into the negotiations with “Mockingbird” blindly. Not knowing the guy in front of her is Alice’s brother Tommy, Margot is soundly brow beaten by him at each turn. He pulled every receipt: Margot had no response for Tommy and when he essentially took the Kensington Firm away, she was rendered speechless.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

When Margot, Rhys, Alice and Ben confront Felicity, the jig is up. Tessa is the mastermind. Tessa is the major player. Tessa is the product of her parents in the worst and best ways. The little heifer could be brilliant but she harbors way too many abandonment issues.

The love triangle between Alice, Ben and Ethan could’ve been something special but “The Catch” played too many games with our feelings. Instead we got a semi-lame ‘B’ story about the defrauding of Ethan’s company. How and why Carol Cooney became a centerpiece of that side action is beyond me. Grossly incompetent and honestly stupid, the waste of time Carol took up made for wack storylines.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

Meanwhile at the hostage situation, Tessa showed the ability to be guilt-tripped and turned on Felicity. Felicity managed to shoot Rhys (point blank range and she wings him in the shoulder, pfft) but was knocked out by the waiting Alice and a tactical team. Margot, Ben and Tessa are now fugitives from Agent Diaz and the FBI and desperately trying to get away. While Ben is formulating an escape plan, the pieces start to click and Mockingbird is revealed. Rhys. The man who knew every step of every mission he, Ben and Agent Diaz took on. The rascally weasel took control of Kensington and waylaid his sister.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

At a private airport is where it all ends. Margot and Tessa safely ensconced on a jet, Ben deciding to go after Rhys and Alice…insisting he get on the plane. As a finale, it was highly anticlimactic. As a series finale, it was exceptionally ordinary. The AVI team and fans of “The Catch” deserved more.

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