The survivors crash on this unknown planet and have to now find a way to contact the resolute. So they make a beacon of some sort that can hopefully be seen from space. June is becoming better and better at manipulating people to get what she wants. And at this time it seems to be information and the help of a potentially violent robot. She seems as though she is helpful but really she is only helping herself. But Maureen learns something about the planet itself and learns that the planet is heating up too quickly and she needs to investigate what could potentially be happening on this unfamiliar planet.

The kids discuss bringing the robot back into the picture and you can see Will is reluctant to tell his dad. But he finally agrees to tell their dad. Then, of course, June is lurking about trying to soak up whatever information she can and use it to her benefit. I don’t like how she manipulates the kids, there is something immoral about that. But I realize that it needs to happen to push the story along. She also runs into Don and she has to explain herself, in lies of course. She again turns the tables in her favor and people seem to back off and leave her be. But they can tell that something is not quite right about her.

So, the show as we get further into the episodes gives us a lot of backstories. We learn that Earth is dying, which is what prompted the move to Alpha Centauri. How they got the technology to travel such distances remains a mystery at the moment. So far we learned that June stole her sister, Jessica’s identity and she is a criminal with a record. John was a Navy Seal who was gone for the majority of the time, and also that Maureen and his marriage is on the rocks. Don is a smuggler who ran away from the resolute to save his own tail. We also learn some truths along with it. Don finally learns the June basically deserted him and Angela to the storm without care for their lives and her deeds begin to be uncovered.

But, the relationships between John and his kids start to grow and change. He is trying to make up for the time that he lost fighting for his country. But he can’t rewind the past, he has to start building his relationships with his kids from this point on. This is the time for exploration, new bonds, new friends, new love and self-discovery. All this is happening under the watchful eye of June (Dr. Smith). So fast forward a bit and the remaining survivors have finished the beacon and as with the tone of the show, you know that something disastrous will happen also thanks to June. The beacon is destroyed and the robot, who was in hiding is trying to protect them from an invasion. All according to the plan of Dr. Smith. Now everyone is aware of the robot and it has to be explained. Everything is falling into place for her and Will is scared for his friend.

In the end, Will is allowed to keep his robot on the condition that if he does anything to anyone he is to be destroyed. I am not understanding how they aren’t comparing notes about Dr. Smith. Don already knows something is fishy with her because he escaped with her a Jupiter. How much longer will Dr. Smith be able to keep her true identity a secret and will she be able to get the robot on her side. Meanwhile, Maureen has learned some devastating news about this planet that they are stuck on. So now, more than ever it is imperative that they escape the planet and head back to the Resolute, but how?