Michael and the gang are pushed into a corner, they have tried to escape the country by train and airport and now Michael needs to do what he thinks he does best and that is improvise. Lincoln remembers that Sheba said that Omar can help them so they seek him out. Omar is surprised that they arrive, but says he has a vehicle they can use to get out of the country but it’s a few blocks away. Michael, Lincoln and one of his cell mates go to the vehicle while one stays behind. He gets knocked out as Omar was trying to escape, the vehicle was a setup as gunman looking for the bounty come after them. They are able to make their escape and get back to Omar who apologizes and is willing to help them. Omar says in his country when people want to get away they go into the desert. Sheba calls Lincoln to see if he found Omar he gives her an update on their status. Sheba wants to thank him for getting the family out and they are all safe, they agree to meet up for a drink when he gets back to the states. The Poseidon killers, who were let out of jail earlier, have been tracking Michael and get a lead on him because of the phone call Lincoln is on.

Militants come to attack the group while they are getting gas. Michael was inside talking to someone as they had internet access. He can’t see the person on the other end but tells him to take a screen shot, which is of Michael holding up his palms with tattoos in the air. The militants are setting up by a gas truck, and a well placed bullet to the gas truck stops the militants in their tracks. The group continues into the desert, but Omar dies from gunfire and in turn the map to safety. They bury Omar and part of the group wants to go back into town or they will die in the desert, but if they go back to town they will die, but the one eyed bandit hunts them down and shoots at them. The killers back in the states want to move the drones to follow Michael and company and the government agency realizes that they are being used as every step of the way someone has tried to kill them.

The one eyed bandit takes some time to refuel knowing that he has more gas and can outlast them. Michael and them are watching him as they come up with a plan. Michael acts like he has a plan, but he doesn’t. He decides that three will go for the city and safety, while one will lead the bandit out somewhere else and try to find a chance to kill him and then go back to find the tracks to get to the city. Lincoln’s group is able to make a run for it, but sadly they don’t know where they are making a run to. Until someone stops to listen and hears seagulls, and anyone knows that seagulls love water so they start to follow the birds. The trio arrives at Fiasha and the locals wonder where Omar is as they showed up in his truck. Lincoln tells him he had to go because of the war.

Michael goes near a small mountain, and with some cover he rigs the vehicle with a large rock to keep moving forward. The bandit is hot on the trail and goes to the truck to find it was empty, so Michael comes up behind and they fight in hand to hand combat. During the fight Michael found a screw driver and shoved it in the bandit’s eye. During the fight, Michael was stabbed in the chest and the other vehicle was shot up, but Michael takes it and makes his way towards town. He can’t find the tracks that Lincoln had and is running out of time. He doesn’t hear or see the seagulls as the vehicle finally dies down.

Quickly in the states, the killers track down the person Michael was chatting with online at the gas station, it was an Elvis impersonator?! I don’t understand the connection, back in the desert, in the dark, with no vehicle Michael is struggling to get to Lincoln. Lincoln has one last ditch effort for Michael, he uses the fireworks that Omar had stocked up and had the town set a number of them off as a beacon of direction. Lincoln even got on the vehicle to yell Michael’s name. Michael does find his way but is in such a bad way he needs a doctor and looks like he is going to die as no doctor is in the area.