Allie and Noah of “The 100”

A boy meets a girl. Immediately, a social hierarchy clash occurs. His working class heirs do not blend well with her privileged background. The girl hates the guy at first, his cocky personality not sitting right with her. And yet after a while they learn to tolerate each other’s company and later on, they form an unbreakable connection. It is safe to say, their personality traits compliment each other. No matter what the circumstances are, she is the head and he is the heart of their relationship. Arguing is still a constant feature of their bond but their trust knows no limits. In fact, the endurance of their devotion is shatterproof. They go through other great loves during their lifetime but in the end, they always find their way back home.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s a plot summary of The Notebook. Well…consider yourself played. Call me crazy but the season finale of The 100 seemed to prove that the writers’ ultimate inspiration for developing Bellamy’s and Clarke’s arc, is the romantic story of Noah and Allie. Let’s take a look at a few parallels:

6tgonkopiaIn The Notebook, whenever Allie wanted to feel at peace, she liked to brush away her problems on canvas. Similarly, for Clarke, it’s the only thing that chases away the demons from her haunted mind.2tgonkopia“If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.”

Clarke is the integral part of Bellamy’s life. Leaving her behind is an unspeakable thought for him, even if there is no other choice. And when he does exactly that, to save his people, his friends, in Season 4’s finale, he blames himself for not figuring out another way. “He would do anything for her.”5tgonkopia

The angsty dynamic has always been the plot mechanism that pushed events in the narrative forward. Clarke is fond of challenging Bellamy, often getting on his last nerve but just like the leaked script from 1×02 said: “goddamnit, this girl makes him smile”.3tgonkopia4tgonkopia

Fighting is the inherent aspect of their story and without it, the flame of passion wouldn’t be burning for as long as it has.7tgonkopiaAt the end of Season 4, Clarke and Bellamy are separated by a wave of deathly radiation. Clarke, in order to stay centered and somewhat sane, radios Bellamy for  2,199 days straight.


If their story were to end abruptly, they’d know they experienced something epic. That it wasn’t always about the destination, it was about the journey. Their shared moments would leave permanent imprints on their heartbroken souls. 1tgonkopiaBut Clarke is strong. She still has hope. The vision of Bellamy coming back to her, keeps her going.

May they meet again.


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