Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Finally the Jane and Fabian’s saga came to an…ahem…climax this week after several weeks of boredom. Yeah, I said it, BOREDOM. This story is LAME. I don’t care about Fabian. He’s an idiot and the writers keep yanking us back and forth. Like, is he nice? Or is he actually selfish and stupid?! Finally, by the end of the episode, we found out he really is just selfish and stupid. And he and Jane finally had their fling. Who knows if it will continue or if it’s just a one and done sort of situation. Either way, this was a really big step for Jane–maybe she’ll finally be able to confront her feelings for Rafael–which she DEFINITELY has. You can’t tell me this is just my Jafael-colored glasses. She’s definitely got feelings for him. I mean…that scene where they told Mateo about how he was made? That was just filled with feels. Too bad that, for now at least, they seem unreciprocated, because Rafael is hung up on Petra. How would his feelings about Petra change if he knew Jane loved him, though? We all know Jane is the real love of his life!

Okay, I gotta stop. I could talk about Jafael forever.

Moving onto more dangerous topics…Chuck and Petra made it to Pensacola and Chuck was definitely acting shady. Like, scary, evil murderer shady. While he’s in the shower in their motel room, Petra checks her phone and first, hears a message from Rafael where he professes his love for her, then she gets several urgent texts saying that Chuck is JP! (Jerky Pants–Scott’s possible killer) She starts to freak out and begins to put several pieces together. Then, Chuck gets out of the shower and she hits him with a vase! Somehow, though, that didn’t knock him out and he chased her out of the motel. He pleads that he’s not JP and the reason he’s been acting shady is because he LOVES her! Then, the cops show up. I don’t know though…he still seems pretty shady to me. The old love excuse. I don’t think Petra will fall for it.

Chuck is persistent with his innocent status, though. He even agrees to describe a woman that he met on the beach the night of the murder. (Flashforward about 10 minutes) the police bring the sketch to Raf and Petra…and we don’t see it but they DEFINITELY recognize her. My money is on Rose or Luisa. Or (curveball) Catalina? But I could be wrong.
Onto the happiest segment of the episode, Xo and Ro are engaged and planning a small wedding. This is baffling to everyone. Neither of them could possibly want small! It turns out, though, that they’re trying to be sensitive to Jane. They don’t want a big wedding to remind her of Michael. Luckily, though, Jane has moved on in a healthy manner and WANTS her parents to have a big wedding! They were thrilled–it looks like we can look forward to a crazy telenovela Xogelio wedding soon! 


Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin