Source: Netflix

Hey Sensates! Netflix’s television masterpiece Sense8 returns for season 2 on May 5th, and we have a lot of questions that have been building up in our minds since the two hour Christmas special.

First of all — how will this season compare to the phenomenal first one? According to critics, Sense8 season 2 is even better than season 1, which is really exciting to hear because far too often a strong first season with an interesting premise has little to work with by the end of it, producing lackluster sequel seasons that feel more like a desperate attempt to keep the spirit alive than a natural next chapter.

Sense8‘s first season was praised for a lot of reasons. The show was exemplary from its engaging storytelling techniques, fun characters, and visual brilliance. Going into the Christmas special, fans were unsure what to expect. Would the special be simply that — a fun special with some exciting birthday party scenes — or would it be a crucial stepping stone from season 1 to season 2? As it turned out, it was both. The Christmas special offered lots of light-hearted and fun moments with the Sensates finally having learned how to (somewhat) control their powers, but it also gave us important details regarding the character’s whereabouts following the dramatic first season finale. I’m glad they put this exposition in the Christmas special rather than devoting an entire episode of the new season to it. We are now ready to jump into what is sure to be a more action-based and drama filled season than the first.


Source: Netflix

While I’m really looking forward to explanation about how and why the Sensates exist (and about the crazy Whispers guy who is after them), I’m also hoping the show sticks to what it’s really good at — cinematic art. Part of what makes Sense8 stand out is its incredible camera and editing work. This show has some of the most beautiful shots to ever grace television. I hope the whimsy and spirit of the first season remains in the show even through its inevitable descent into darker territory. I have a lot of faith in the production team and the critic reviews, so I’m actually more excited than I expected to be. I’m really interested to see what happens next in this bizarre and beautiful story.

Are you guys looking forward to Sense8 season 2? What was your favorite part of season 1?