Photo Source: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Courtesy of The CW

With the strains of The Chambers’s Brothers “Time Has Come Today” leading off the season finale of “Legends of Tomorrow, the epic battle for time and reality was sure to be fierce…

With Rip and GIDEON figuring out their location in a teeny tiny Waverider inside of STAR Labs, they manage to lock in the Legends’s position. Imagine the look of utter shock on their faces when teeny tiny Rip in the teeny tiny Waverider flies in to “pick them up.” Mick has a hilarious time shaking the sense out of Rip by grabbing and waving the Waverider around. It’s a disaster.

Luckily, all of the Legends have their memories and skill sets back. Dr. Palmer’s genius is on full display when he uses the Atom suit’s technology to get Rip and the Waverider back to normal size. The team’s only goal: return to 1916 and stop the Legion from ever getting the Spear of Destiny.

Photo Source: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Courtesy of The CW

The danger of time jumping back to 1916 is clear: the Legends can potentially run into their 1916 selves. The positives outweigh the negatives and the course is set. The goals: keep Amaya alive, keep the Spear out of the Legion’s hands and make as few time waves and aberrations as possible. This is, of course, not what happens. The first thing that does happen is 2017 Ray having his HEART RIPPED FROM HIS CHEST by Eobard Thawne.

The plan is askew.

On the Waverider, the 1916 Legends have no inkling the 2017 Legends are there. Until 1916 Rip, Ray, Nate, Mick and Tolkien walk back from their reconnaissance mission to locate Sir Gawain’s resting place. Running into 2017 Sara and Jax, the jig. is. up. Back on the ship, there are doubles of most of the team, except Amaya, Professor Stein and Ray. When the truth about their fates is shared, 1916 Sara is conflicted. She fears the darkness within herself regarding using the Spear. But the team and their safety and reality itself, are more important.

The mission is a go.

Photo Source: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Courtesy of The CW

On the battlefield, the 1916 Legends and 2017 Sara, Jax, Mick and Nate square off against the Legion. In the fighting, Snart kills 2017 Nate and Malcolm Merlin murders 2017 Jax. The rest of the team is intact and has the Spear in hand. As they’re reciting the Calabrum incantation, Sara is transported to a time and space where she’s enjoying a glass of wine. With her sister. The very dead Laurel Lance. It rocks Sara hard. To see that reality in which the person you miss the most is alive and happy is a heckuva drug. Laurel was always the moral compass for Sara and reminds her how to make things right. She’s hurtled back to 1916 France, Spear in hand, resolve set…until Eobard upon Eobard upon Eobard begins circling the team.

The Eobards start harassing the team until main Eobard is able to grab the Spear from Sara. Intent on erasing the Legends from time completely, he intones the Calabrum and…nothing happens. Smirking at Eobard, he confirms that Sara de-powered the Spear. Irate, he attempts to drive the Spear into Sara’s chest but is stopped by the speed monster.

Photo Source: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Courtesy of The CW

Vibrating his hand, the speed monster punches through Eobard’s chest. And he just like that, So hard Thawne is erased from the timeline. As he was supposed to be.

The team swiftly deals with the rest of the Legion: Malcolm Merlin is banished to his scrappy apartment in 2017; Leonard Snart is sent to 2014, memory wiped and before Eobard Thawne recruited him; Damian Dahrk, pastel suited and no socks wearing, sent to 1987 Miami.

And just like that, the mission was complete. In an odd turn, Rip requests permission from Sara to resign his commission and leave the ship. Leave granted, he heads off toward the sunset. Amaya, knowing her destiny as the grandmother of superhero Vixen/Mari is in jeopardy, decides to stay with the team. And with Nate.

It seems like things are fine, but when the Legends attempt a time jump (to Aruba, at Mick’s suggestion), they encounter a severe time storm. Thrown into a crash landing, they are dumped into 2017 Los Angeles. Seeing a mish-mash of buildings and surrounded by dinosaurs, Captain Lance says it best, “Guys, I think we broke time.”

Photo Source: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Courtesy of The CW

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