It’s Elijah with a h! This week Andrew Rannells was able to show off his amazing pipes when Elijah auditioned for a new broadway musical, White Men Can’t Jump.  As Elijah is about to leave for the audition his ex-boyfriend Dill shows up at Elijah and Hannah’s apartment. Dill is enduring public scrutiny for allegedly trying to buy a white baby. Overwhelmed by his unplanned visit, Elijah leaves Dill at the apartment with Hannah while he heads to his audition. Elijah nails the first part of the audition and gets a call back for the dance portion. He struggles when he is handed a basketball and expected to incorporate it in the dance.

After the audition Elijah tells Dill how he feels used and that all Dill does is mess with people and he doesn’t want to go through it anymore. Afterward Elijiah seemingly takes him back and the next scene we see is them in bed together the next morning. Elijah wakes up to a phone call from the White Men Can’t Jump casting directors learning they want him to meet with the show’s producers.

Marnie gets an eviction notice and immediatly calls her mom to complain/ask for money. When her mom refuses, Marnie tries to pawn a supposedly antique locket she received from her mom and a pair of diamond earrings from her dad. The man at the pawn shop tells her the items are made out of puter and glass and Marnie freaks out. She starts yelling about how her parents have lied to her and she married a liar and all she has done is loved everyone.  The man rolls his eyes and sets Marnie straight. He tells her she’s blaming everyone else but no one goes in a pawn shop to sell jewelry off their body if they haven’t made some mistakess. He flat out tells her she is the liar. It’s the come-to-Jesus moment Marnie has so desperatly needed. She leaves the pawn shop and goes back to her apartment where she begins packing to move in with her mom. She calls Desi and appologizes for especting him to still be paying rent and wishes him well. It’s too soon tell if Marnie actually sees the error of her ways and is ready to make an actual change.

Hannah has left a message for Paul-Louis and is anxiously awaiting his call. She spends the day with Dill and gets some unsolicited advice from the fragile news anchor. He quickly notices Hannah is pregnant and when she tells him she’s not sure if she is going to tell the father he tells her how importnant a father’s prensence is in a child’s life. Paul-Louis calls Hannah and when she tells him she’s pregnant and that she doesn’t expect anything from him he is relieved and makes it clear he isn’t ready to be a father. Although this is the response Hannah thought she wanted she is disappointed with his reaction. Dill starts to comfort her but then quickly begins crying himself. Hannah is taken aback for a moment but then begins to join Dill and cry. I think a part of her wanted him to want to be in their child’s life but didn’t realize it until she spoke to him.