Photo Source: BBC

“Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain.”

(I couldn’t agree more, Jim.)

Although he’s the “villain” of BBC’s Sherlock series, Jim Moriarty has become one of the most-loved parts of the show, to most fans. What can we say? We’re a strange fandom that has a thing for the bad guys, apparently.

There are countless moments in the show where this complex character totally shines, but let’s break it down to the Top 3.

1. That moment that really escalated quickly.


Source: All the Sherlock Gifs (Tumblr)

I can literally remember jumping right out of my seat, my first time watching this scene. He switched so quickly from the creepy sing-song voice to total RAGE; it was terrifying.

2. This one’s pretty relatable, don’t you agree?


Source: All the Sherlock Gifs (Tumblr)

Admit it, we’ve all thought this at one point or another.

3. And finally… the moment the entire Sherlock fandom collectively flipped out and died a little inside. (Okay, I need to be more specific, because now that I think about it…we’ve had a lot of those moments…)


Source: All the Sherlock Gifs (Tumblr)

Now, Sherlockians, I’d like to know… What’s your favourite Moriarty moment?