Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Jake. Terry. Holt. Charles.

Amy. Rosa. Gina. (Amy’s random friend)….and Scully and Hitchcock.

These are the people that made up two epic “parties” on one night. (Amy “won” Scully and Hitchcock in a bet). But, as usual on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, all plans went incredibly awry.

Let’s start with the men: Boyle planned an intricate scavenger hunt for Jake’s night…but all Holt, Terry, and Jake really wanted to do was get drunk and eat meat. So, when Charles got himself kidnapped for 6 hours (part of the game), the other men used that time to go enjoy their night at a steak house, and then find Boyle at the end of the night. That worked, at first, but then Charles caught on to them skipping the hunt, and Jake realized he missed a pretty damn amazing hunt (including Reginald VelJohnson…whom they roped into the night anyway). While Charles felt betrayed at first, he admitted he overdid it.

At Amy’s party, just as she’s thinking she’s the lamest bachelorette in the world, she finds out her best friend booked a band who’s lead singer is a former fling of Amy’s. Turns out he’s kinda crazy and head over heels for Amy still, so they track him down and trick him out of his contract using various hijinks. But the most impressive feat of the night came from Gina, who withheld any and all criticism. Amazing.

Finally, the guys and gals met up at the bar and partied together…with Reginald VelJohnson sticking around as the DD. Casual.

Amy and Jake are just the most recent in a line of “the new TV couple”; a couple who doesn’t need an overextended will they or won’t they to be interesting or to grow. While their chemistry certainly isn’t off the charts or anything, they’re cute and well suited for each other. They’ve both grown so much since the pilot (much of that growth is thanks to each other). While some watchers may still be waiting for the other shoe to drop, I think we can expect general shenanigans coming up, but a cute union of Jake and Amy come seasons end.

Crap. I hope I didn’t just jinx it!