10 People Who Could’ve Killed Jason Blossom:


The central Riverdale mystery has been plaguing us for weeks, and is sure to continue until the season’s end: who killed Jason Blossom? The answer could be so simple and obvious, or it could be complex and nonsensical. Not to worry, though! We’ve got you covered. In no particular order, here are the top ten people who could be responsible for Jason’s death.


The Coopers

Hal? Alice? Betty? Polly? Given their family rivalry and personal connections to the recently-deceased, I think there’s a fair chance that a Cooper is involved somehow. Hal and Alice hate Jason for impregnating their daughter, and Hal already had some juicy loathing a-brewing over an old blood/syrup feud. Alice seems to hate the Blossoms purely on principle. Meanwhile, Polly has some shady secrets with Jason – who would be her future baby-daddy – and she doesn’t seem to be quite all there, either. Could she have snapped and killed him? Speaking of crazy, Betty clearly has some of the family genes as well, and with her uncontrollable split-personality psychotic break and supposed amnesia about it, maybe she’s investigating a crime she doesn’t remember committing?


 FP Jones and the Southside Serpents

We all know Jughead’s dad is involved in shady gang business, and was revealed last episode to suspiciously have Jason’s letterman jacket hanging in his closet – presumably the same one that was in the now-destroyed car-full-o’-evidence. Since Jason *allegedly* has been dealing in some drugs, is it so far-fetched to make this connection? I would go so far as to say that this is the most probably suspect so far, which means that it probably won’t be so. The Serpents do seem a bit too brash and violent for such a calculated crime. If it is them though, do we think FP pulled the trigger? Joaquin? Any other Serpent? There’s some family drama in the works, guys.


 The Lodges

Just because they weren’t in town at the time of the murder, doesn’t mean they aren’t implicated in any way. We do know that Hiram has had his hands in Riverdale’s business for quite some time before the move, and with Hermione growing up there and having bad blood with the Blossoms (because, come on. Who didn’t?) there’s a chance she wanted revenge for something as well. In fact, this could tie in with the previous point, as the two adults have are in some serious debt with the Southside Serpents. Could it be for a hit? How far does this rabbit hole go? However, one person I think we cannot all agree on their innocence is Veronica, due to lack of motive. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn about Riverdale’s raven-haired beauty that could change our minds!


 “Ms. Grundy” and/or Archie

Archie might be too innocent for his own good, but Jennifer ‘Ms. Grundy’ Gibson definitely has some secrets up her sleeve. The two were together the night of Jason’s disappearance and do have a guilty secret that they share. Given this show’s unique take on mental breaks, is it so out there that Arch may have blocked out a dark memory? Maybe he’s not as innocent as we think!


The Blossoms

They all crazy. They all vindictive. They all evil. What’s one dead misbehaving son when you could have all this attention?



Maybe the prospect of teenage fatherhood became too much for him? I mean, it’s not so hard to believe that he cryogenically froze himself and bound his hands and feet after shooting himself in the head. This is Riverdale; anything can happen. I’m not ruling out a suicide, detective.


Jellybean Jones

Look, isn’t it mysterious that she skipped town just as this murder stuff started to go down? Isn’t it doubly mysterious that she once lived in the same home that now houses evidence in the form of Jason’s jacket? And isn’t it triply mysterious that she suddenly wants to go by the alias/moniker ‘JB’ instead of Jellybean? This 10-year old is hiding dark secrets, and I, for one, want to know what.


Pop Tate

Imagine you’re the owner of your very own Chock’lit Shoppe. You see all sorts of customers – all sorts of economic backgrounds, all sorts of eating habits. What’s the one kid you hate the most? That’s right. The rich kid who doesn’t order anything. He has all this money to burn, and instead he’s hawking stuff to get more money, never once spending a dime on a measly cheeseburger. That’s unacceptable, and frankly, that’s a motive.


The Twilight Drive-In

Yeah, I’ve got nothing. This isn’t even a person. It just seems responsible somehow, doesn’t it?


A Higher Power

Since we can all agree that the entirety of the Blossom family sucks, maybe Nana Rose made a deal with the devil to have one smote down? Can you imagine spending a whole season investigating a murder, just to find out a godlike entity did it? That’s ballsy screenwriting. I’m ready.

Okay, maybe I don’t always have the best ideas. But that’s okay! On a less facetious note, Riverdale is back tonight (and every Thursday night) at 9:00 EST on The CW or Canadian Netflix!

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