The Magicians: Plan B

With this episode the show finally corrected the long standing issue of having the group split up and has brought them all together for a hilarious bank heist!


The cast loved the chance to finally be together again, as seen in the making-of

They all have different motivations and needs for the money (the fertility magicians are making a racket to probably screw Julia and over anyways, and Kady in the process), then Quentin gets rangled into helping Julia and Kady when they arrive at Brakebills (for the millionth time seeking shelter and help) and Alice is obviously just along for any ride Quentin takes her on,  Margo and Eliot need the gold to bankroll the war and cleaning the Wellspring, Penny has sex with Kady so he’s under the non magical spell of her and going to help her rob the bank…plus, why not?


[The entire episode has niffin Alice only visible to  and attempting to drive him nuts.  Olivia Tayor Dudley tweeted she thoroughly enjoyed playing this, and she brokers a deal with Q when the mission goes south that will carry through the coming weeks]


There’s always a catch tho, not only is Julia is still pregnant with hell spawn, but one of the fertility witches thinks her baby needs exterminated (and her with it) and sends “Goblins” (invisible magic muscle she conjured using spoons of menstrual blood)

[gif excluded for your comfort]

And it isn’t just one goblin, that lady has like….100 spoons



The haxenpaxen sacrifices himself to save Julia from the first surprise attack, surviving in her care for less than 24 hours which has great implications for her ability to be a mother.  She should probably get a goldfish to practice with or child protective services will be called early season 3.

Also banks are apparently heavily guarded against Magicians (attempts to keep the world economy stable? Buzz killers? Who knows)  but luckily for everyone involved Margo’s confusing past gives her experience in this area and she teaches the group what they need to know

And she does it in her best hood rat voice:


There are enjoyable watch synchronizing and security hacking spells


Penny gets to mission impossible (and fail)


Julia’s Plan B gives them 5 tries to escape after they get caught by rewinding time a whopping 15 seconds.  The first 4 times they get caught by the bank defender and her lightning whip


Their final attempt results in only one casualty: Eliot.  Luckily, it was just the golem Eliot they sent to earth and not the real deal, but we see a glimpse of the real Eliot in Fillory now in a coma–reasons to tune in next week!

When Julia shows up so do the goblins and margo takes a hit, luckily the gang arrives in time for Kady to save the day and take out the goblin with the lightning whip she nabbed before it kills Julia


So the mission was a success and a great deviation from the darker tones of the season!

Oh yeah, Quentin let the bank lady finger him to get her fingerprints…so that was a fun and awkward off camera moment

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