From Lucerne Valley, California in the first episode to Dubai in the last episode, The Grand Tour, a motoring TV series from Amazon Prime, has won the hearts of viewers with their amazing first series. With a suposedly £160 million ($210 million) budget for 3 series, this show has the perfect blend of thrill, excitement and humour.


The crew call their Test Track the Eboladrone because its shape “resembles” the structure of the Ebola virus and Jeremy Clarkson said it is designed to “trip cars up”. Even interesting are the section names, which include: “Old Lady’s House”, “Isn’t Straight”, “Field of Sheep”,”Your Name Here” and “Substation”. Another interesting fact revealed in the first episode – the track was modified after an unexploded World War Two bomb was found there. This combination of thrill and humour continues through each part of the show.


James May Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson in The Grand Tour Poster.

There is a part in the show called Conversation Street where the presenters share interesting news about the cars and create tons of humour – Richard Hammond tends to overstate his opinions using sexual and homosexual innuendos and Jeremy Clarkson is often cut off when he starts to talk about Alfa Romeo.

On top of this, the crew sets up in a new place every episode and the crew have been to the United States and Namibia twice, the UK four times and South Africa, Netherlands, Finland, Dubai and Germany once. This adds to the thrill of the show and we get to learn interesting facts about certain places. For instance (spoiler alert), the crew travelled the Romantic Road in germany where the route takes them to places called: Wank, Kissing, Petting, Fucking and then Wedding.

Overall, this show is well worth watching and no wonder it is one of the most illegally downloaded TV shows in the world.